Cradlewise’s Gentle bounce mode


Every baby has their own preference for their crib’s bounce—while some can’t get enough of the bounce, others love a super, super gentle bounce.

If you’ve ever wished that the crib would only just bounce very slightly, we’ve got you covered. The Gentle bounce setting is just the right feature for you.

Let’s dive right in to learn more about it.

What is Gentle bounce mode?

Gentle bounce mode‘ is a crib feature that allows you to cap the bounce intensity to the gentle most mode.

This mode has been crafted with the utmost care to cater to babies who prefer a subtle bouncing motion. This is the least possible intensity that your crib can bounce at.

If you’re using the Smart Bounce, you can check out this level by dragging your slider to the picGentle level. If you’re in Manual mode, this is the 3% intensity that you get when you slide your “Intensity” all the way to the left.

When to use Gentle bounce mode?

Gentle bounce mode’ was originally built for babies who experience startle reflexes. The startle reflex in babies is an automatic, sudden reaction to a loud noise or a quick change in their environment. When a baby experiences this, they may throw their arms and legs outward, briefly arch their back, and then bring their limbs back in.

Learn more about what’s startle reflex and how it’s a marker of your baby’s developing nervous system.

This mode is particularly beneficial for babies who may be more sensitive to higher bounce intensities. By choosing ‘Gentle bounce mode,’ you are creating a nurturing environment that promotes a sense of security and comfort, helping your baby to relax and enjoy a more restful sleep.

This mode is popular with younger babies, under one month of age, especially when combined with 80 – 90% sensitivity. This way, when the baby moves even slightly, the crib will immediately respond and start a nice, gentle bounce to soothe them. However, if your baby is older and prefers a gentler bounce, you can try this out as well.

For any baby that likes gentle bounce, this is the lowest possible intensity at which the crib can bounce.

Learn more: My baby prefers a gentler bounce and sound. Can the bounce and sound be capped to a gentler setting?

Where to find Gentle bounce mode in the app?

To turn “On” the ‘Gentle bounce mode’ in the app, navigate to Settings > Soothing > Gentle bounce mode > Toggle it “ON”.

Note that this mode is available in both the ‘Smart’ and ‘Manual’ Bounce modes.

Cradlewise gentle bounce mode

What happens in the Gentle bounce mode?

In ‘Gentle bounce mode,’ your crib will bounce at the gentlemost intensity.

Smart Mode

If you toggle “On” ‘Gentle bounce mode‘ when your crib is in Smart Mode, either the crib will soothe in gentle mode or stop the bounce when the baby falls asleep. The crib will simply cap its soothing to Level Gentle

Manual mode

If you toggle “On” ‘Gentle bounce mode’ when your crib is in Manual mode, it will cap the bounce intensity to 3%. 

This means that the bounce intensity cannot be increased above 3% from the Home screen by any user.

Cradlewise gentle bounce mode

Note: When the “Gentle bounce mode” is ON, tapping on your Home screen’s ‘Soothing’ controls will display ‘GENTLE BOUNCE MODE’ to indicate this to you. 

Cradlewise gentle bounce mode

Can I increase the bounce levels if Gentle bounce mode is ON?

No, you can’t increase the bounce levels if the ‘Gentle bounce mode‘ is ON. To have full control of levels, you can go to your Settings and disable the ‘Gentle bounce mode.’ 

Cradlewise gentle bounce mode

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