New & improved Smart (formerly “Auto”) Mode


At Cradlewise, it’s all about simplifying your parenting journey, one tap at a time.

We’re thrilled to introduce our new and improved Smart Mode that will make using the Cradlewise app a breeze. No more back-and-forth searching for important settings – we’ve laid it all out clearly for you.

So, let’s dive in and explore what’s new in the Cradlewise app. Get ready for an easier and more intuitive experience that lets you focus on what matters most – cherishing those precious moments with your little one!

1. How do I know my crib is in Smart Mode?

The default mode of Cradlewise is the “Smart Mode of soothing”. For both the Bounce and Music, in the Smart Mode, you will see the “level” marked. 

Cradlewise app soothing bar

The crib’s ‘Smart Soothing’ always has your back. When you place the baby inside the crib, the crib will take 30 to 40 seconds to detect baby’s sleep state and determine if the baby is asleep or awake. The crib will start soothing if required.

Cradlewise app

You can view the bounce and music volume levels that the Smart Mode decides on the soothing bar itself. To adjust the bounce/sound, you can tap the soothing card and change your bounce/sound levels. This way, you can teach the Smart Mode in the moment.

2. How does Smart Mode work?

Remember that by default, the crib is in ‘Smart Mode.‘ 

The Smart Mode starts as soon as you put your baby in the crib, and the crib detects their presence. Once your little one is placed inside, the crib’s Smart Mode kicks into gear. It’s a breeze—baby in, the Smart Mode is up and running; baby out, it stops the soothing.

When the crib is set on Smart Mode, the levels of soothing (bounce and sound) keep changing automatically. As your baby’s sleep state changes, the crib’s Smart Mode senses changes in sleep and automatically adjusts the soothing—both bouncing and sound levels. Basically, the Smart Mode has your back and is responsive to your baby’s needs. The just-in-time soothing helps connect your baby’s sleep cycles and helps them sleep better. 

pic  When the baby sleeps, the crib stops the bounce and sound. But if your baby is feeling extra fussy and you don’t want the bounce to stop after they fall asleep, there’s a way to continue the bounce and sound in your crib.

• After sleep bounce:
To turn on ‘After sleep bounce,’ navigate to Settings > Soothing > Bounce > ‘After sleep bounce’. Select the level you want your crib to bounce on after your baby falls asleep.

• After sleep sound:
To turn on ‘After sleep sound,’ navigate to Settings > Soothing > Sound > ‘After sleep sound’ and toggle this ON.

3. My baby prefers a gentler bounce and sound. Can the bounce and sound be capped to a gentler setting?

Yes, if your little one prefers a gentler bounce, you can customize the bounce from the following settings:

Gentle bounce mode

This setting allows you to cap the bounce intensity to the gentlest mode (Level Gentle).
To enable it, navigate to Settings > Soothing > Bounce > Gentle bounce mode > On.

Bounce intensity limit

This setting allows you to limit your Smart Mode’s bounce intensity to suit your comfort. You can define how strong or light the intensities of all Levels should be.

Go to Settings > Soothing > Bounce > ‘Bounce intensity limit’ and move the Level 4 to your preferred maximum intensity.

Similarly, if your baby prefers a gentler sound, you can adjust it using our ‘Volume limit’ feature:

Volume limit

This setting allows you to limit your ‘Smart Mode‘ sound volume to suit your comfort.

Go to Settings > Soothing > Sound > ‘Volume limit’ and move the Level 4 to your preferred maximum volume.

4. How to teach the crib’s Smart Mode?

You know your baby the best.

If you want to override the ‘Smart Mode‘ levels, you can always do it. There are rough days with vaccination or during the sleep regression phase, you might want to jack up the bounce levels. You can change it. The AI of the crib learns that the preference is towards stronger bounce intensities. The override will last only until the baby changes sleep state and the crib will then take it up/down from your new level.

To keep your choice of setting and not have the crib shift levels for some time, use the lock. The lock has a timer that can be adjusted from 10 mins to 30 mins. When you lock the preferred settings, the crib will continue to obey your choice irrespective of the sleep state of the baby. 

5. How can I override my Smart Mode and make it use my preferred bounce and sound levels?

In “Smart Soothing”, the crib does sleep detection and soothing on its own. But if you want to override it for some time, you can use the ‘lock’ functionality.

To lock the bounce and/or sound:

  • Choose the bounce and sound levels that you prefer.
  • Tap the pic icon.

Your bounce and sound levels will now be locked for the next 10 minutes. Smart Mode will not change them for the next 10 minutes. You can also see the Locked status on the closed ‘Smart Soothing’ card:

Cradlewise app 'Smart Soothing’ card

After the timer runs out, it will automatically resume the Smart Mode.

If you want to change the bounce and sound levels while the lock timer is active, you will have to unlock the lock. To do this, you can simply tap on the pic icon once more.

Note: You can choose your default lock timer to be 10, 20, or 30 minutes by navigating to Settings > Soothing > Lock timer under Smart controls.

6. How do I stop the bounce?

If you want to pause the bounce, tap on ‘Off’ in the ‘Smart Soothing’ card. Please remember that it’s in “Off” mode temporarily, until your baby changes their sleep state. The Smart Mode is still On in the background. This means that if your baby stirs, the crib will resume the bounce.

If you want to keep the bounce off, you need to ‘Lock’ it. Locking a setting allows you to temporarily disengage the Smart Mode. Remember, if you want to have complete control and want the crib to simply NOT bounce for the night, you can navigate to your Settings and toggle the Bounce Mode to “Manual.” 

7. Can I make the crib respond faster when my baby starts stirring?

Yes, you can make the crib respond immediately by customizing the crib’s sensitivity. Crib Sensitivity determines how quickly and how often your Cradlewise bounces in response to the baby’s wakeup cues. It controls the point at which the crib soothes based on the baby’s activity level.

To adjust your Crib’s Sensitivity, navigate to Settings > Soothing > Smart controls > Sensitivity.

You can choose the sensitivity levels from Very low, Low, Medium, High, to Very high.

For example, if your baby is young (less than six months old), the stirrings might need quick soothing to avoid a wakeup. You can keep the crib sensitivity at ‘Very high.’ Higher crib sensitivity means that even when your baby stirs a little, the crib will start bouncing to prevent them from waking up. 

Similarly, as your baby gets older, they’ll learn to self-soothe themselves back to sleep gradually. You can gradually reduce the  Crib sensitivity. Lower sensitivity of the crib means that the crib will not start bouncing at the slightest movement of your baby.

8. How to switch to Manual mode?

If the Smart Mode isn’t working quite right for you, you can use the Settings described in Q:3 to adjust your crib for your preference.  However, if you’d rather have full control of when to start/stop and the intensity of the crib’s bounce and/or sound—you can switch to Manual mode.

In the Manual mode, you will have complete control of the bounce and sound. The crib will not start, stop, or change the intensity of the bounce or the volume of the white noise. If you wish to switch to Manual mode, you can easily do so by navigating to the settings menu.

  • To switch your crib’s bounce to Manual mode, navigate to Settings > Soothing > Bounce > Mode > Toggle to Manual.

  • To switch your crib’s sound to Manual mode, navigate to Settings > Soothing > Sound > Mode > Toggle to Manual.

Learn more about our new settings and features:

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