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For many parents, the joy of welcoming a new baby comes with the challenge of managing expenses. The cost of buying baby products can quickly add up, straining the family budget. From bassinets and cribs to sound machines and baby monitors, these essential items can put a significant dent in your wallet.

But what if there was a way to make these purchases more affordable and sustainable? Cradlewise is already a game-changer by combining a bassinet and crib with a sound machine and baby monitor. Now, with our collaboration with TipTop, purchasing Cradlewise has become even more affordable and sustainable.

TipTop is a cutting-edge payments service that allows customers to trade in items they own, unlocking their value instantly while making new purchases. This partnership between Cradlewise and TipTop means you can save money on essential baby products and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Read on to find out how this works and how you can benefit from it.

What is Tiptop?

Tiptop is a payments service that allows a customer to trade in things they own to reduce their cost of purchasing new items on their favorite websites. The things you own have value, and Tiptop unlocks that value instantly while you’re checking out.

How does Tiptop work?

When you select the Pay with Tiptop option at checkout, you’ll be able to search for things you own in our huge catalog of trade-in items. Tiptop will give you a trade-in quote for that item which you can apply to your purchase. Check out with a credit card and you’re good to go.

You’ll then send in your item to Tiptop, we’ll check it to make sure it’s in good condition and refund your trade-in credit to your method of payment. The whole process takes about a week.

How do I send in my trade-in?

Package your item and drop it off at any UPS location. Just present the provided QR code, no need to print a label.

When will I receive my trade-in credit?

Your trade-in value will arrive as an adjustment to your original charge or a refund to your original payment method after we receive your trade-in item.

What if I don’t send in my trade-in on time?

You have 7 days to send your trade-in to Tiptop to receive your full credit. After that your trade-in will be automatically re-priced. If you send in your item after this 7-day period we will no longer be able to issue trade-in credits.

Does Tiptop offer payment plans?

Yes, Tiptop offers a 0% interest, four payment installment plan option. This allows you to pay for the balance of your purchase after trade-in value in four simple payments due every 2 weeks.

If you have additional questions, feel free to check out the Tiptop Help Center here.


Cradlewise’s collaboration with TipTop offers a smart solution for parents looking to manage the expenses of essential baby products. This partnership not only helps you save money but also promotes a more environmentally friendly approach to shopping. Explore the benefits of this collaboration and enjoy a stress-free shopping experience for your growing family!

Save now, sleep (better) later!
Reserve your Cradlewise delivery month early, and save up to $600 on better sleep for the entire family.

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