Top 10 Cradlewise reviews of 2023


With so many cribs, all promising safety and comfort, it can be difficult to pick the perfect one for your baby. 

Cradlewise is a brand for parents, by parents, and so many families have invested in us as the baby sleep solution for their little bundle of joy. Cradlewise has reached 4 million hours of restful baby sleep and is helping parents get the zzz’s they need too!

As the year winds to a close, we’re celebrating our wins and reflecting on the good. So, to end the year on a high note, let’s hear from parents who were once contemplating Cradlewise, decided to take the plunge, and came out on top.

Perhaps, if you’re looking for a baby crib and Cradlewise happens to be on the list, these reviews, descriptions, and genuine experiences, can help you make the best choice for your family.

1. Susanna H

“The absolute best! This is hands down the best purchase we made for our baby. After a bit of a learning curve, we have really tried to maximize its features to help everyone get better sleep!! It has made sleep training so much easier!

We didn’t use it much when he was an infant, but he did take naps in the Cradlewise early on, and now at 5 months, only sleeps there. It’s so nice that other caregivers can have access as well! One teeny tiny change I would make is that the camera in the crib be moveable. 

Our baby wiggles around a lot now and sometimes his face is out of the shot, other than that, I’d buy it 10x over!”

2. Jillian

“Couldn’t be happier! Loving our Cradlewise!! It’s been so nice to have all the features (bounce, white noise, monitor) all in one. Our newborn enjoys the bounce and we love that the crib automatically bounces and soothes her back to sleep when she stirs.

As a parent, I love the sleep data it provides on how long she slept, how many times it had to soothe her, etc! We had a call with the CEO a few days after using our crib to ensure we were using it to its full extent/ offer any suggestions she had and she could not have been nicer or more helpful!

They truly care about your happiness with the product and that’s rare these days. We are so happy with our purchase and the support from the entire Cradlewise team!”

3. Jennifer C

“Problem fixed. Our crib made a slight knocking sound after two months of use. The support team swept in and had a new base delivered to my house and a guy from TaskRabbit came to switch the base out and he also took the old base to have it shipped out.

I didn’t lift a finger and the problem was fixed. Amazing. The crib helps us get more sleep and helps her learn to be soothed independently without needing Mommy or Poppy’s (other mom’s chosen name) attention. She is four months now and working on self-soothing to sleep. Thanks Cradlewise!”

4. Casey

“Worth every penny… and then some. From set up to everyday use, this crib has been so straightforward. Notifications are clear and reliable. We actually leave the app up overnight, and it doubles as a monitor. We’re 5 weeks tomorrow and getting 6+ hours of sleep at a time.

The motion component has helped us be able to put baby down drowsy but awake and be rocked to sleep by the cradle instead of us. For this reason, he doesn’t need to be held to be put down. Has been worth every Penny, and I’ve said a few times, “I don’t think they’re charging enough for this crib”. Thank you for creating this!!”

5. Veronica T

“Woah! Talk about GENIUS! The Smart Crib, to say it’s the smartest crib would be an understatement. As we planned for the nursery, we found this smart crib and immediately ordered it. We attended the seminar and were sold. My husband and I knew we would need an extra set of arms; we were okay with them being electronic.

Being a family that prioritizes sleep, we knew we had to invest in this! We got it in March, and baby girl was born two weeks before the due date; thank God it was set up! It is safe to say that thanks to Cradlewise, we have had extra hours of sleep every night since we brought our baby girl home.

The camera/mic gives you the extra eyes and ears needed so that you can see and listen in on any sounds your little one might be experiencing. In addition to that, being able to snapshot your baby at any time is an extra perk! Being able to link Spotify (for shushing/wake-up music) to the speaker is the best of the best!

The rocking is a lifesaver in so many ways! You are able to control the intensity at the touch of a button. It’s been a solid 4.5 months and I’m dreading the day I have to pass it down or sell it. That’s how thankful we are for it! Cradlewise, thank you!

Thank you for thinking of those parents who don’t have the extra support for baby to be attended to. We appreciate you in many ways! Lastly, the updates! Always fixing things for us parents to be able to do all types of new things! We are honored to have a smart crib!”

6. Kimberly W

“As close to magical as you’ll ever get. Shortly before our first child was born, like most parents, we purchased a traditional crib. We also purchased a motion bassinet which we used for his first 4 mos because our little guy loves rocking/motion upon falling to sleep.

After it was time to transition into his crib, here’s where we ran into the beginning onset of sore arms, backaches, and MANY sleepless nights. My husband started searching for a possible motioned crib but we weren’t sure if one even existed until we stumbled across this beautiful, modern, and amazing lifesaver called Cradlewise!

After reading about it more, we decided to order it and are SO extremely happy that we did! I’m not exaggerating when I call it our lifesaver because the sleep exhaustion was very real and at its peak! Our only regret was not finding it sooner because it actually has a bassinet insert as well. Two amazing options all wrapped into one amazing product.

The modern style is definitely beautiful. High-quality materials molded with exceptional craftsmanship. All of the added perks of a built-in camera, automatic rocking options, sleep tracker, built-in white noise, and much more. The mattress’s the perfect thickness and softness are perfect for both the bassinet option, as well as for the crib. The mesh netting surround is wonderful to have a full view of your little one sleeping.

Cleaning is a breeze as the materials are very environmentally and user-friendly. Customer service is hands down the next best thing with this company. Our family can’t rave enough about our purchase and our personal experience. If any other new parents are looking for a magical bassinet and crib, this truly is the one!”

7. Shaina S

“Stage 10 clingy breastfed baby approved!! 🙌🏼This has saved us immensely!! From day 1 we have used this crib and it usually puts my very clingy breastfed baby back to sleep 3 times a night! The app is actually really well made and we see minimal glitches!

I love that my husband can log on at the same time while he’s at work or out of town and watch the baby. I also wanted to say, this is the perfect size for this short mama! It’s the first crib I don’t fall into while putting baby to sleep!! By the way… it’s WAY better than the Snoo and has a better price point too!!”

8. Shomit D

“Essential for new parents That the Cradlewise is a superbly engineered product is evident even during the unboxing process. The whole apparatus just makes sense. My friend who helped me unbox (and is a product manager in the medical devices industry) couldn’t stop remarking about the simplicity yet ingenuity of the product.

The Cradlewise has been a lifesaver for us (2 first-time parents). In the first few months, babies often wake up just in need to be rocked back to sleep. Outsourcing this task to the Cradlewise added several hours of sleep per week to our lives. It allowed us to be well-rested for the times the baby actually needed us for soothing, feeding, changing, and of course cuddling. Every feature is designed to be intuitive.

For example, the Always On monitoring feature totally eliminates the need for a dedicated audio/video monitor. The noise machine is configurable. The main bouncing feature is easily accessible and also configurable (with a weaning feature). The bassinet also converts to a crib so you can use this for much longer than the competing product (Snoo). In summary, Cradlewise should be at the top of the shopping list for new parents. It will save your sanity.”

9. Erin

“As advertised! And pretty to look at. This crib definitely helped us get a few more minutes of sleep each night when our baby was little. She soothed with the bouncing and white noise, falling back to sleep when she didn’t need us. I was worried it would make her sleep when she needed something, but no concerns there.

She definitely let us know when she was hungry/needed to be changed. When she was about 6 months old, the bounce and sounds didn’t really seem to do anything for her anymore. However, we still love the crib! The built-in monitor is a huge plus, and I love how securely they made the cord. Not having an exposed cord near her crib for a monitor gives me peace of mind. The app is very easy to use.

It’s also nice that the sides are a soft mesh, so she doesn’t bonk her head on anything. The enclosed sides mean her pacifier stays in the crib with her without having to use a passie clip. I did not appreciate this until we traveled and used a traditional bar crib. The waterproof linens are pretty good.

The mattress is quite thin, but this does not seem to bother my baby. She is out like a light every time I put her in it. Also- the design is super chic. We get a lot of compliments, and it is nice to look at, not gonna lie! While this was expensive, we are planning for more kids, so we will get a lot of use out of it. The size is just right, too. Our daughter is very tall, and she is comfortable and cozy. We are pleased with our purchase.

10. Jesal

“The Bouncing Works! Love all the features. The bounce feature really helps our baby fall back asleep after mild disturbances. It’s also very convenient that the baby monitor and white noise machine are built in and that all the features can be controlled via the app.”

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