10 improvements we’ve made this year to Cradlewise


If you’re part of the Cradlewise family, you know that parenthood is a thrilling rollercoaster ride filled with cuddles, chaos, and the occasional meltdown (from both babies and parents, let’s be honest). But fear not, because here at Cradlewise, we’ve been hard at work on some game-changing enhancements to make your parenting adventure smoother than ever before.

From smarter tech to sleep-saving features, we’ve got 10 incredible improvements lined up that are guaranteed to make your life easier and your little one’s sleep sweeter. So, buckle up and get ready to discover the magic we’ve sprinkled into every corner of your Cradlewise experience.

Let’s dive in and explore the 10 upgrades that are about to revolutionize your parenting game! 

1. Revamped home screen and settings

We’ve reimagined the layout to ensure an intuitive experience, allowing you to effortlessly access crucial information and controls at your fingertips. Navigating through your Cradlewise settings has never been more straightforward.

From a brand new soothing bar at the bottom of your screen to a full-screen view, learn more about our brand new homescreen here: New & improved home screen

2. Easy-to-understand Smart mode

Our improved Smart Mode that will make using the Cradlewise app a breeze. No more back-and-forth to see and change the bounce and sound levels—everything is visible in the soothing card on the home screen.

You can now view the bounce and music volume levels that the Smart Mode decides on the soothing bar itself. To adjust the bounce/sound, you can tap the soothing card and change your bounce/sound levels.

3. Bounce intensity and Volume limit

Both these bounce and volume settings now give you the ability to set an exact ceiling for Smart mode.

Bounce intensity limit: This setting allows you to limit your Smart Mode’s bounce intensity to suit your comfort. You can define how strong or light the intensities of all Levels should be.

Volume limit: This setting allows you to similarly limit your Smart Mode’s sound volume to suit your comfort.

4. Start recipe feature

Our ‘Start Recipe’ feature allows you to customize the crib’s response when the baby is first placed inside. You can literally code how the crib responds when you first place the baby in the crib!

You can configure your crib’s bounce and sound levels to start at a level that you prefer and stay for a chosen period of time before the Smart mode kicks in.

Learn more about this feature here: New feature alert — Start Recipe

5. Sleep insights v1.5 

Our new and improved Sleep Insights dashboard makes it easier than ever to make data-informed decisions about your baby’s sleep schedule. We’ve added movable markers to quickly understand the sleep story. 

Learn more about our new and improved sleep insights here: We’ve relaunched Sleep Insights in the app — see what’s new

6. Connectivity improvements

Count on seamless connectivity with our improved infrastructure. You can now experience enhanced stability in your Cradlewise connection.

We’ve introduced:

  • Live status: The live status dot gives you the current status of your baby’s video feed.
  • Network strength: This pic visually represents the overall strength of your crib’s network.

7. Cleaner notifications

Our notifications have become cleaner, more practical, and shorter, telling you exactly when your baby transitions in and out of sleep. These new notifications keep you updated as much as you prefer. 

Cradlewise gives you the option to get notified whenever your little one dozes off to sleep, wakes up, cries or stirs, or has been placed in and out of the crib.

8. Easier to manage Baby Alerts

We’ve simplified our Baby Alerts, ensuring that you’re easily able to navigate the notifications. The new UI lets you filter by types of alerts to quickly understand key events over the day. 

Learn more about our new Baby Alerts here: Cradlewise is making your life even easier with our new-and-improved Baby Alerts

9. Improvements in baby presence detection and baby cry detection

We’ve elevated our game in baby monitoring with improved presence and cry detection. Rest assured, Cradlewise is now even more attuned to your baby’s needs, providing you with timely alerts and insights to ensure their well-being.

10. Picture in picture mode

With our PiP feature, when you minimize the Cradlewise app, a small pop-up window will open up on the bottom right. This will enable you to open different apps on your phone while still being able to monitor your baby.

Learn more about our PiP feature here: Picture-in-Picture: The feature you’ve been asking for

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