We’ve relaunched Sleep Insights in the app — see what’s new


Mastering your baby’s sleep schedule can be tricky, as all new parents know. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to get your baby to sleep through the night. That said, the more insights you have into how your baby sleeps, their sleep patterns, and their wakeup cues, the better your chances of helping your baby (and your whole family!) establish healthy sleep habits. 

That’s where Cradlewise comes in! The Cradlewise app helps you track, analyze, and understand your baby’s sleep patterns so that you can all rest better — and smarter. Read on to learn more about our brand-new and improved sleep insights, and how the Cradlewise app offers real-time insights into how well your baby slept.

New Sleep Insights

Welcome to the new-and-improved Sleep Insights dashboard 🎉! 

Sleep Insights is a better and upgraded version of our old Activity tab, where you could check your baby’s daily sleep logs, including how long your baby was awake and asleep in the crib.

Our new-and-improved Sleep Insights dashboard makes it easier than ever to make data-informed decisions about your baby’s sleep schedule. We’ve incorporated our community’s feedback from user research interviews to bring you the new version.

Here’s what’s new:

1. Easy-to-read sleep logs

Our new Sleep Insights tab is designed so you can view your baby’s sleep logs from the last 24 hours, which includes information about your baby’s total hours of sleep, the amount of awake time, and the number of times the crib smart-soothed your baby to sleep.

2. Timestamps for naps

The new interface shows clear timestamps for your baby’s nap schedule, helping you better manage your baby’s wake windows — and plan their next nap.

3. Targeted sleep data

Our new and improved Sleep Insights specifically focus on the three most important things you need to know about your baby’s sleep:

  • Sleep: The total sleep that your baby clocks in their crib 
  • Awake: The total wake time that your baby spends in their crib
  • Soothes: The red dot on the parallel track indicates the number of times the crib was able to predict a wakeup and successfully help your baby go back to sleep

4. Week-by-week sleep patterns

You can now scroll through your baby’s week-by-week sleep patterns, and zoom into any particular day in the past to see historical sleep data.

5. Share your baby’s sleep wins

The share button at the top of the page lets you share your baby’s sleep wins with friends and family with just one tap.

All the new sleep insights are also available in dark mode on the Cradlewise app.

Just like with any feature release or update, you’ll need to update your Cradlewise app to the latest version in order to be able to access these new Sleep Insights features.

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