How to customize Cradlewise settings for your baby


Navigating parenthood is like embarking on a journey with no map—each day brings new discoveries and lessons. And you learn new lessons as your baby grows, especially where sleep is concerned. 

As your baby’s sleep patterns evolve, so should the tools that support their restful nights.

Whether you have a tiny wiggle-worm who loves to move around in their sleep or a little one who needs the gentlest lullabies to doze off, Cradlewise’s customizable settings are here to cater to every nuance of your baby’s sleep journey. Not only do babies have their unique preferences, but so do you as a parent.

Here’s your opportunity to unlock the full potential of your smart crib. Let’s dive into understanding how you can customize different Cradlewise settings for your little one.

1. Sensitivity

We know that babies have diverse sleep habits, and some may be more active during their slumber than others. 

To customize the crib, Cradlewise offers a unique “sensitivity” setting. With this feature, you can control how often and quickly the cradle responds to your baby’s sleep disturbances.

  • For babies under six months: You may want to keep the crib sensitivity at Medium, High or Very high when your baby is less than six months old because when they are that little, and they are stirring or moving a lot, it means that they are about to wake up.
  • For babies that frequently move during sleep: If your baby frequently moves a lot during sleep, you could reduce the crib’s sensitivity by a notch or two, and the crib will then only respond if your little one moves for a slightly longer time.
  • Ready to help your baby become more sleep-independent? Slowly change the crib sensitivity to ‘low’ and then ‘very low’, reducing every month or two, until your little one becomes acclimated to self-soothing themselves to sleep.

Regardless of age or stage, your baby may need more support when going through sleep regressions, teething, or illness. For this time when they might need a little extra TLC, you can also increase the crib sensitivity.

To adjust the crib sensitivity, in the Cradlewise app navigate to: Settings > Soothing > Smart controls > Sensitivity > Select your preferred level between Very low to Very high, as per your preference. 

You can find more information about this feature here.

2. Gesture to start/stop

As a parent, you already juggle a lot of different things and responsibilities. You don’t want to juggle putting your baby in their crib while holding your mobile phone to start or stop the crib.

The biggest relief that gesture control brings parents is being able to be hands-free when putting their little one in the crib—Gesture control allows you to turn bounce on and off through the monitor arc on your Cradlewise smart crib, without having to use your phone or Cradlewise app.

  • To enable gesture control, in the Cradlewise app navigate to: Settings > Gestures > Toggle On ‘Start Gesture’ or ‘Stop Gesture’.

Within ‘Gestures’ there are two options:

  • Start Bounce: This will allow you to manually start the crib by bouncing the crib four to five times until the light blinks in rainbow colors.
  • Stop Bounce: This will allow you to manually stop the crib’s bounce by tapping the monitor arc three times in quick succession.  The crib’s light will glow in rainbow colors to confirm the stop action.

Customizing gesture control settings if you have an older baby

With this setting, a lot of parents wonder, “Can my baby accidentally activate gesture controls?

If you toggle on “Stop Bounce,” there is a small chance that your little one turns the bounce off by drumming thrice the monitor arc. The crib will always stop bounce gradually, and it won’t pose any danger to your little one.

3. Gentle bounce mode

The  ‘Gentle bounce mode’ restricts bounce intensity to the lowest possible (Level ‘Gentle’).

If you’re using the Smart bounce – check out the Gentle level (feather icon) by dragging your slider to the {insert feather icon}. If you’re in Manual mode, this corresponds to a 3% intensity that you get when you slide your “Intensity” all the way to the left. If you prefer that the crib always use this ‘Gentle’ level for soothing,

  • Turn on the ‘Gentle bounce mode’ in the app. Navigate to Settings > Soothing > Gentle bounce mode (under Bounce)  > Toggle it ON.

The bounce intensity will never go higher than Level Gentle in this setting, even after the baby wakes up or cries.

4. Smart sound customization

Cradlewise’s latest updates bring advanced smart sound customization features, which are going to make your baby’s sleep an even better experience.

Volume limit

This setting allows you to limit your smart mode’s sound volume to suit your comfort. This will give you greater control over white noise volume, allowing you to find the perfect soothing level for your baby. 

The white noise volume adjusts automatically based on the baby’s sleep state, providing comfort when needed.

  • To adjust the Volume limit in Smart Mode, navigate to: Settings > Soothing > Volume limit under Sound > Set your Level 4 to your preferred volume. You can also preview the % you’re setting to ensure it sounds comfortable and pleasant. 

This will allow you to define your crib’s Levels – and set up a maximum limit that your smart crib will play music in.

This feature was added based on the ideas and feedback that came straight from parents like you! 

After sleep sound

A lot of parents prefer to keep the white noise “On” at all times and not just during soothing. If you want the sound to continue after your little one falls asleep, we’ve got you covered!

  • To continue sound after the baby falls asleep, in the Cradlewise app navigate to Settings > Soothing > Sound > Toggle On “After sleep sound.”

When you toggle this ON, the crib will play the sound at ‘Level 1’ volume instead of pausing it, after the baby falls asleep.

5. Notifications settings 

While knowing what your baby is up to when you’re away is great, sometimes the crib can notify you of every little movement of your baby—especially every time they stir. And this can get a little overwhelming when you’re working or doing other things.

But the good news is that you can control these notifications.

  • To easily toggle off any notifications, in the Cradlewise app navigate to: Settings > Account > Notifications > Toggle On the ‘Baby alerts’ that you’d like to be notified for.

Under ‘My Cradlewise, you can also Toggle On/Off notifications for Sleep support, Product updates, and Special offers.

6. Customized sleep tracks

Imagine having tailor-made sleep tracks integrated into your baby’s crib!

With Cradlewise, this becomes true. Even more remarkable is that you can customize each track according to your baby’s age and preferences.

Your Cradlewise comes equipped with a built-in sound machine. You can customize the white, pink, and brown noise sleep tracks by adding layers of different sounds like heartbeat, wind, and rain to them.

  • To view Sleep Tracks, in the Cradlewise app navigate to: The <Insert Sound icon> Sound icon on the home screen.
  • To create a custom soundtrack, tap the + sign in the top right-hand corner. Here you can:
  • Choose the “color” of the noise (White, Pink, or Brown)
  • Overlay with your preferred nature sound (Light Rain, Heavy Rain, Ocean Waves, Soft Breeze).
  • Simulate a womb-like ambiance (Heartbeat or Breathing). Note that this is a very subtle addition, you’ll be able to clearly hear the increased heartbeat if you place your ears very close to the crib in a silent room.
  • Preview the new track on the crib.
  • Name your new track and be sure to save it!

7. Spotify (beta feature)

When it comes to music in Cradlewise, you’re the DJ to your baby’s sleep! Cradlewise allows you to play your tailor-made Spotify playlist for your baby, delivering a symphony of their favorite lullabies, classic nursery rhymes, or whatever helps them get their precious snoozes.

Our Spotify integration feature allows you to turn your cradle into a speaker by enabling you to pair your crib with the Spotify app.

You can curate a Spotify playlist for your little one and can play them your favorite pop songs, lullabies, nursery rhymes, soothing sounds, or whatever they’re into, 📣

  • To enable Spotify on your Cradlewise app, navigate to: Settings > Stream Spotify   > Enable streaming.

After enabling Spotify, follow the next steps in this blog—“Play Spotify songs through your Cradlewise.

Cradlewise isn’t just a crib—it’s a partner in your parenting journey. Through each customizable feature, Cradlewise empowers you to create a sleep environment that’s as unique as your baby’s individuality, making their zzzs in Cradlewise even more special.

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