How Cradlewise creates a customized soothing response for each baby


As parents, you’re intuitively tuned into what’s best for your baby—it’s almost as if parenthood comes with a built-in detector of your baby’s needs. You instinctively know how to bounce your baby in your arms when they’re slightly drowsy and how to soothe them when they cry.

But parenthood also comes with a lot of changes: As babies grow, their sleep changes frequently (and with that, so does your sleep schedule). Your instincts for comforting your little one are constantly evolving because there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for baby sleep. 

As the world’s only self-learning, AI-enabled crib, Cradlewise learns your baby’s sleep patterns and tailors its soothing approach according to your baby’s needs, the same way you do as a parent. 

Here’s a detailed look at how Cradlewise’s soothing technology adapts to each unique baby and makes parenthood easier for you.

How does Cradlewise soothe babies to sleep?

The Cradlewise smart crib detects when your baby is stirring and is about to wake up.

Based on your baby’s sleep state, the crib starts bouncing and playing white noise to soothe your little one back to dreamland. The crib’s soothing motion emulates a parent’s gentle bounce, and the sound mimics the environment of the womb.

In the Sleep Insights tab of your Cradlewise app, you can see the number of times the crib soothes your baby back to sleep for at least 30 minutes. Each soothe session is represented by a red dot in the app. 

How does the crib know your baby needs soothing?

Cradlewise has a built-in monitor arc that uses 3D image mapping technology to detect your baby’s early wake-up signs.

The cradle also comes fitted with contactless sensors. It detects movements and sounds to determine which phase of awakening your baby is in:

As a sleeping baby awakens, they first enter the Quiet phase, then the Active phase, before escalating to the Cry phase. Each stage of your baby’s wake-up cycle corresponds to a physiological response. 

For example, as the baby is about to enter the Quiet waking phase, they’ll start stirring, their eyes flutter a bit, and they might move a little in their crib.

All these changes signal to your Cradlewise crib’s AI that the baby is about to wake up and it’s time to start bouncing to soothe the baby back to sleep.

How Cradlewise responds to your baby’s unique needs

Gone are the days of guesswork and endless rocking.

Cradlewise is the only crib smart enough to learn your baby’s sleep needs and tailor a response specifically for them. The crib’s AI learns from your baby’s sleep patterns, which allow it to predict wakings and determine which wake-up phase your baby is in.

Here are two examples of how Cradlewise might respond to different babies, fine-tuning its response (including how long it soothes them for) depending on each baby’s unique sleep needs:

Case study A: Baby Alex, 2 months old

Crib sensitivity: High

  • Alex is sleeping in the crib, but moves suddenly due to his newborn Moro reflex. The crib recognizes the cue of Baby Alex’s sleep reflex and identifies that he is starting to awaken.
  • The crib automatically moves into “soothing” mode. It takes into account the baby’s movements and starts bouncing at the baby’s preferred intensity.
  • The gentle bounce and sound soothe Baby Alex back to sleep before they fully awaken, meaning more restful sleep for the baby and his family.

The crib bounced for 5 minutes.

Mobile Image

The crib recognizes that a younger baby might wake up because of the Moro reflex, so it immediately responds to the slightest movement.

Case study B: Baby Beatrice, 10 months old

Crib sensitivity: Low

  • Baby Beatrice is sleeping in her crib when she moves slightly.
  • The crib doesn’t bounce because it recognizes that this is habitual behavior for Baby Beatrice, who tends to move slightly in her sleep. Then she moves a bit more and is about to wake up. 
  • The crib’s motion sensors pick up on Beatrice’s increased movement, and the crib now moves into soothing mode, responding with gentle bounce and sound until Baby Beatrice is asleep again.

The crib bounces for 4 minutes.

Mobile Image

In this case, the crib recognizes that Baby Beatrice is slightly older and often moves in her sleep. Since the crib has learned that this is habitual for the baby, it doesn’t immediately respond to her slight movements.

How does bounce soothe your baby?

Parents often ask us about our unique bounce mechanism.

Cradlewise’s bounce motion closely resembles how a parent would bounce their fussy baby in their arms to soothe them. The more fussy the baby, the stronger the bounce. And the more drowsy the baby, the gentler the bounce. 

Your Cradlewise provides a custom, intuitive, dynamically learned response. There is no standard length of time that the cradle bounces to soothe your baby. 

If your baby is not responding to the cradle’s soothing, Cradlewise will stop bouncing and alert you.

Customize your crib settings for your baby’s needs

You can customize your Cradlewise crib settings based on your preference and your baby’s needs.

The bounce and sound functions both have two modes: Smart and Manual, which are adjustable from the Cradlewise app home screen.

In the “Smart Mode,” your crib will intelligently decide what will work for your baby—deciding when to start the bounce or with which intensity.

The same is true for the sound function in the Smart Mode: the crib will choose on its own when to play/pause and the volume of the white noise sound. 

In Manual mode, you’ll decide when to start or stop the bounce and its intensity. Similarly, in Manual sound mode, you’ll choose a track and its volume from the Cradlewise app.

How does Cradlewise analyze babies’ sleep patterns as they grow?

Your baby’s sleep patterns continue evolving as they reach various developmental milestones.These milestones, such as teething, growth spurts, and cognitive leaps, can significantly impact sleep quality and duration.

For parents, this means frequently changing your approach to baby sleep—you’re constantly course-correcting and recalibrating. Feeling like you have to start your baby’s sleep schedule from scratch can often feel overwhelming.

This is where Cradlewise steps in to provide personalized support and nurture your baby’s sleep journey.

Its constantly-adapting algorithm customizes a soothing response for your baby that changes as they grow, predicting your baby’s wakeups and responding with motion and sound that is tailored to your baby’s individual needs at each stage.

For your baby, this helps in better quality, uninterrupted sleep. In the long term, it helps establish healthy sleep habits for the whole family.

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