What are Cradlewise Over-the-Air updates? And how do they affect my crib?


When we say we’re listening to Cradlewise families, we mean it. The feedback from our community has led to a host of new and improved features.

This collaborative approach ensures that the features we develop align with your needs, making the crib experience smarter and more tailored to your unique parenting journey.

So while you’ll fall in love with the crib on Day 1, you’ll have even more reasons to love it on Day 400—and beyond!

While firmware upgrade support will be guaranteed for two years, app upgrade is from the App Store or Play Store. This means that the 2024 model will be supported for two years after purchase for software (firmware + app) upgrades.

Here’s everything you need to know about Cradlewise’s over-the-air updates:

How frequently does Cradlewise release its over-the-air updates?

Cradlewise releases its over-the-air updates every two weeks. These updates seamlessly add new features and software improvements to your crib.

Are there different types of over-the-air updates for the Cradlewise crib?

Yes, there are two types: over-the-air (OTA) updates and app updates.

When we say “OTA updates,” we’re referring to the crib’s firmware updates, which are seamlessly pushed to all cribs over the air. Just keep your crib powered on, and whenever we find the right slot, we’ll push the updates over the air.

On the other hand, the app software updates are available in your app stores, requiring users to update their apps to access new features. If you’re an Android user, keep the app on auto-update mode, and the app will update automatically as a new release happens.

What new features come with over-the-air updates?

This could be anything related to your crib’s firmware. Any new feature and software improvements we have made to the crib will be seamlessly added to your Cradlewise. Examples include the AI module (sleep recognition and baby detection), improved video/audio streaming, changes in white noise generation, enhancements in the crib’s soothing mechanism, more customization for soothing, and more.

Let’s say we have improved sleep detection for the baby, making it easier than ever for Cradlewise to know when your baby is sleeping, stirring, or awake. With the help of OTA updates like this, parents who bought a crib even one year earlier will have access to the new, smarter AI and enjoy a truly upgraded parenting experience, all without missing any of baby’s precious moments! 🎉

How long does the OTA take? 

The installation of the updates takes two minutes. During this time, video streaming and other “smart” functionalities of the crib are unavailable. We ensure that the crib is not in use before the update is triggered.

Are over-the-air updates free?

Yes! The OTA updates are free and automatic. We push them over-the-air to everyone who has the crib. That means that you don’t have to do anything. The new and improved features will automatically get updated on your crib.

What are the advantages of over-the-air updates?

Our OTA updates ensure that your Cradlewise smart crib remains at the cutting edge of innovation.

As technology advances, so do your smart crib’s safety features and overall functionality.

So even if you purchased the crib when it didn’t have a particular feature or functionality, you’ll be at the forefront of the latest advancements. Automatically.

When do the updates happen?

The updates happen between 12 PM and 5 PM in your local time zone when the baby is not using the crib.

Why do the updates happen between 12 PM and 5 PM?

We understand that parenting comes with its own set of routines and schedules, and that’s why we’ve meticulously chosen the timing of these updates.

They’re strategically scheduled between your baby’s last nap and bedtime in the late afternoon hours. This ensures that updates never interfere with your baby’s restful moments.

The goal is to seamlessly blend these enhancements into your daily routine without causing any disruption to your baby’s sleep schedule or your family’s comfort.

What happens if the baby is present in the crib when the over-the-air updates start?

If your baby is present in the crib, then the over-the-air updates won’t start. They will begin at a different point during that five-hour window when the baby is not present and there is no bounce/music.

Why are the over-the-air updates important?

  • Ever-evolving features: Community feedback guides many of our updates. We want to give families the features they want!
  • Keep users updated: The OTA updates help our users stay updated with our latest feature releases.
  • More longevity: By always improving, you can count on Cradlewise for years (and babies) to come.

Cradlewise over-the-air updates are more than just software enhancements—they represent a commitment to elevating the parenting experience through continuous innovation and community collaboration.

As a Cradlewise family, you’re not just purchasing a crib but investing in a dynamic and evolving tool that adapts to your needs and parenting journey. 

With these seamless updates, you can be confident that your Cradlewise crib will always be equipped with the best, ensuring you and your little one enjoy the utmost comfort, safety, and joy on this beautiful parenting journey.

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