6 Cradlewise app features that put the “smart” in “smart crib”


The Cradlewise app has more than meets the eye. It’s an all-in-one hub for coordinating caregivers, learning your baby’s unique sleep patterns, and customizing your Cradlewise smart crib to your baby’s needs — from anywhere! Here’s how you can make the most of your Cradlewise with these awesome app features.

1. Baby sleep insights

The Sleep section of the app lets you scroll through your baby’s unique sleep logs, which keep track of baby’s sleep patterns from the day you put them in their Cradlewise. Each sleep log displays a color-coded graph of:

  • Sleep: Hours slept 
  • Awake: Time spent awake in the crib
  • Soothes: Number of auto-soothes (This is the number of times the crib was able to predict a wakeup and successfully help baby go back to sleep)

Community Spotlight: “We use the sleep activity a lot. We use it to see how he’s sleeping overnight, even when he’s not crying or awake. It’s great to see the patterns and trends of when he is a little bit restless or when he may be moving around,” shares new dad, JP.

2. Caregiver feature 

Enabling Caregiver access in the app allows family, friends, or babysitters to monitor baby using the Cradlewise app on their phones. If you have family that lives abroad or in another state, they can stay connected and see and hear baby even from miles away! Here’s how you add Caregivers:

  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap your name.
  • Tap the Caregiver Team option.
  • To add a caregiver, tap the + sign in the top right-hand corner, follow the on-screen prompts, and generate a shareable link.
  • For additional security, you can control the access level for each caregiver, giving Caregivers “Admin,” “View and control,” or “View only” access. Depending on their level of access, Caregivers can also control bounce and motion settings remotely.
  • You can then share the generated instructions and links with each Caregiver.

Community spotlight: For Pragnya and Sriram, the Caregiver feature helped them stay connected with their families across the world. “My dad is OBSESSED with the app,” says Pragnya. “He’s the one who was primarily, completely using the caregiver functionality in a way to track the baby from when he woke up to when he went to sleep. He would use his entire day to monitor her while she was sleeping in the crib.”

3. Audio monitoring options

The Cradlewise app allows you to control when and how you access the audio monitor in your baby’s crib. To view the Audio settings on the Cradlewise app, single-tap the video stream. Three audio options will pop up:

  • OFF
  • ON

Off and on are self-explanatory, but what’s ALWAYS ON? This feature allows you to keep audio on and hear your baby even when you’re not actively using the Cradlewise app — so you can keep an ear out even while you’re using other apps, checking email, or doing tasks around your home.

Community spotlight: Actress Shanti Lowry shares, “Cradlewise has got a really smart app that I love. I can be anywhere, and I can check in, change the intensity, change the music, listen to her live, or watch her live from anywhere.”

4. Customizable cradle bounce 

By now, you’ve figured out there are two bounce modes: Auto and Manual. But did you know you can customize the Auto Bounce settings to suit your little one’s sleep? The settings include:

  • Bounce duration: You can set the bounce duration to any time between 5 and 30 minutes (the remaining time is displayed on the home screen to the left of the photo button).
  • Crib sensitivity: You can toggle between low and high to control how quickly and how often your Cradlewise will auto-bounce in response to baby stirring.
  • Disable bounce completely: This pretty much explains itself!
  • Super gentle bounce: Restricts bounce intensity to the lowest level.
  • Always-on bounce: Keeps the bounce on even after baby falls asleep.

Apart from crib sensitivity, the features listed above also apply to manual mode. In manual mode, the crib’s auto-soothe feature is disabled, so it will not automatically respond to the baby stirring or waking up.

Community spotlight: Self-described tech enthusiast and mom Pamela says, “You can play with the auto mode because you’re learning what your baby likes. We were using manual mode but now he’s back to auto-soothe and we have it at just the right intensity. It’s so exciting to have the tools to get that ‘sleep recipe’ right and ensure he’s getting high-quality sleep.”

5. Disabling bounce mode

Weaning is built into every aspect of Cradlewise’s functionality — the crib is minimalist in its approach to soothing, meaning it only responds with gentle bouncing when baby needs soothing. 

In auto mode, the cradle will start bouncing when baby stirs, and increase the intensity as needed. When your baby drifts back off to sleep, the bounce automatically stops.

While in auto mode, you can also use the app to adjust Crib Sensitivity, which can be toggled from Low to High. Based on baby’s activity level, this does two things:

  • Controls how often your Cradlewise bounces.
  • Controls how quickly your Cradlewise bounces.

Higher sensitivity

When set to higher sensitivity, the crib will begin to bounce even if your baby stirs a little to prevent them from waking up. We recommend keeping it higher during those first few months because infants move around a lot while they sleep and may startle themselves awake. 

Low sensitivity

When set to low sensitivity the cradle will take longer to react to your baby’s movements.

As your child grows, you can gradually reduce the crib sensitivity so it takes longer for the bouncing motion to kick in. Reducing sensitivity is like taking the training wheels off a bike. By dialing it down gradually, you are teaching your child to self-soothe.

It can take up to a month to complete this process. Once your little one is ready, toggle on the “disable bounce completely” option within App Settings.

6. Customized sleep tracks

Your Cradlewise comes equipped with a built-in sound machine! To view Sleep Tracks, tap Sound, the middle icon at the bottom of the app screen. In Sleep Tracks, you’ll see the following list:

  • Cradlewise Tracks (In-built sounds that incorporate a mix of white, pink, and brown noise)
  • My Tracks (Custom sounds created by you)

To create a custom soundtrack, tap the + sign in the top right-hand corner. Here you can:

  • Name the new track.
  • Choose the “color” of the noise (White, Pink, or Brown): These options create a blanket of sound around your baby that mask external, potentially disturbing sounds. White noise can sound a little like TV static. Pink noise is less intense, like the sound of the wind or steady rain. Brown noise has more bass. It sounds like a low roar, thunder, or waterfalls.
  • Overlay with a nature sound (Light Rain, Heavy Rain, Ocean Waves, Soft Breeze).
  • Simulate womb-like ambiance (Heartbeat or Breathing).

If your baby loves specific songs, you can pair your crib with the Spotify app to stream them (If you have a premium Spotify subscription).

The Cradlewise app is designed to be easy to use and full of useful functions — everything you need, nothing you don’t. We’re constantly refining the app to help families get their best sleep, so keep an eye out for updates!

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