How Cradlewise packs major functionality into a compact mini crib


Your baby’s crib is the centerpiece of their nursery, a place where your baby will spend thousands of hours in their first year of life (hopefully, asleep for most of them). Considering how important your baby’s crib is for their sleep and development, you want one that checks all the boxes for functionality, style, and comfort.

Cradlewise tops many parents’ lists because of how much it offers in a compact package. In terms of size, it’s similar to other mini cribs. But when it comes to multi-tasking, there’s no other crib like ours.

Here’s how Cradlewise packs major functionality into a compact mini crib.

1. Easy to assemble

For many parents, unboxing and assembling the crib is the first big challenge of bringing a baby home. After putting a crib together, life with a newborn might seem comparatively easy.  😉

We’ve designed Cradlewise to be easy to assemble — but don’t just take our word for it. Our parent community as well as independent reviewers say that our crib is surprisingly easy to put together. The crib comes with detailed and easy-to-follow instructions, plus all the tools you’ll need.

Tip: While pregnant, you’ll likely need a second pair of hands from your support partner to help build the crib. Assemble it in the room where you want to have your baby sleep.

Watch this video to learn how to assemble your Cradlewise

2. Converts quickly from bassinet to crib

Watching your baby grow before your eyes is one of the most amazing parts of new parenthood. One day you put them in their bassinet, and before you know it, they’re big enough to move into a crib. 

With Cradlewise, you don’t have to worry about rearranging your baby’s nursery and helping them transition into a new sleeping environment when it’s time to switch from bassinet to crib. You can easily convert your Cradlewise from bassinet to crib using simple tools and step-by-step instructions, all included.

And because they’re sleeping in the same environment, the switch to a crib won’t disrupt your baby’s sleep cycle. They can comfortably sleep with their familiar Cradlewise bounce and sleep tracks.

Watch this video to learn how to convert your Cradlewise from bassinet to crib.

3. Can be used for up to 24 months

Since sleep patterns change significantly from infancy through toddlerhood, Cradlewise adapts its soothing technique to match your baby’s developmental stage, from the day they come home from the hospital through the day they turn 2. Cradlewise is the only AI-enabled smart crib that learns the sleep patterns of each baby and helps soothe them back to sleep before they cry, for up to 24 months.

Despite being a mini crib, Cradlewise is spacious enough to comfortably and safely accommodate a growing toddler. The crib is your baby’s helpful sleep companion from birth to 24 months of age. 

4. Built-in sound machine

It’s an essential “starter pack” item for every baby’s nursery: a white noise machine. And with Cradlewise, it’s right out of the box. Your Cradlewise crib has a built-in sound machine with a variety of features to soothe, comfort, and engage your baby.

Our sound machine has white, pink, and brown noise sleep tracks. And the best part is that you can customize these tracks by layering soothing sounds, like heartbeats, waves, and rain. 

We know that music helps in your baby’s development. You can use our Spotify integration feature to connect your crib to your Spotify playlist and play your baby’s favorite songs, lullabies, and bedtime stories from wherever you are 💛.

5. Built-in baby monitor

Another must-have for bringing home a baby: a baby monitor that helps you watch and hear them when you’re not in the room.

With Cradlewise, you don’t have to worry about buying a smart baby monitor separately. The crib comes with a built-in monitor with night vision, so you can watch over your baby whether you’re in the next room or traveling for work. The peace of mind of being able to watch your baby whenever you want to, from wherever you are, is unparalleled.

With the help of our monitor, you can also hear your baby’s voice in the background while you’re busy with other tasks by enabling the ALWAYS ON feature. 

6. Built-in room temperature monitor

Room temperature plays an integral role in your baby’s sleep quality. The ideal temperature for babies is generally between 68°F to 72°F, although it may vary slightly from baby to baby.  

The Cradlewise app has a room temperature monitoring feature that lets you quickly check your baby’s room temperature from the home screen. The temperature is always visible on your Cradlewise app’s home screen, making it easier to check anytime, anywhere.

7. Compact mini crib design

Cradlewise’s compact design makes it an excellent choice for small spaces. Its design is minimalist, and it’s as chic as it’s efficient. 

At 40″ L X 25″ W X 42″ H, Cradlewise takes up less space than a traditional crib but still provides a comfortable and safe sleeping environment for your baby, all the way through 24 months.  

8. Automated soothing bounce

Cradlewise’s automated bounce feature is designed to help your baby (and your whole family) get better sleep.

The crib detects your baby’s earliest wake-up signs, and gently bounces them back to sleep before they start crying. The best part: You can customize the speed, intensity, and duration of the soothing bounce motion to suit your baby’s sleep needs. 

Cradlewise bounces only when needed, and stops bouncing completely when the baby falls asleep.

9. Safety

Your baby’s safety is our primary concern, and every feature and function of Cradlewise is built and designed with their safety and health in mind.

From the crib rails to the mattress, Cradlewise is 100% GREENGUARD Gold certified. Our patented bounce mechanism is also perfectly safe for your baby and requires no additional restraints or straps.

10. Helpful sleep insights

Using the Cradlewise app, you can check your baby’s sleep insights for easy-to-read, actionable data about your baby’s sleep patterns. You can track how long they slept in their crib, how many times the crib auto-soothed them back to sleep, and total hours of sleep in the crib, helping you manage your baby’s sleep schedule.

11. Connect friends and family

The Cradlewise app also has a caregiver functionality that lets you add friends, family, babysitters, and other caregivers to the crib, letting them watch the baby from wherever they are.

The  bottom line

Cradlewise is a smart sleep solution for your baby and an investment for your entire family’s well-being. With its compact design, built-in features, and easy convertibility, you can get the most out of it till your little one graduates to toddlerhood.

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