Five ways to style your Cradlewise


There are a million reasons to love your Cradlewise, but one thing our parent community praises in particular is the crib’s beautiful, versatile design.

It’s got a versatile look that works with a wide range of nursery decor styles, from natural to romantic, classic to bold.

Here are five ways to style your Cradlewise from the floor up for your baby’s room. You can execute these designs with Hestya Interior Design.

1. Neutral modern

The minimalist aesthetic of the Cradlewise crib fits in perfectly with a neutral modern nursery.

Keep the look fresh by mixing in a variety of textures, like a teddy-upholstered rocker, a woven hanging light, and a plush ivory rug (that’s washable for kids’ spaces!).

Floating acrylic shelves draw attention to special books or photos, and a faux fiddle leaf fig and leather pillow add natural elements to warm up the space. For just the right touch of playfulness, add a neutral baby swing!

Hestya tips: Think of soft, washable fabrics for easy cleaning, sleek storage solutions for a clutter-free space, and natural accents to bring warmth and a sense of calm.

Get the look:

2. Colorful mid-century

Maybe what you love about the look of Cradlewise is that it blends perfectly into a boldly hued room?

If you’ve never met a color you didn’t like, embrace that vibrant whimsy with your nursery decor, folding in some mid-century details that boost the style factor.

Start with an eye-catching green dresser that perfectly accents a colorful floor rug. Next, keep the bright shades rolling with mid-century inspired art prints, or a wall decal that you can install behind the crib or in a cozy reading nook.

Finish off the look with a fun neon sign, playful toy storage, and a modern mobile your little one will love to admire.

Get the look:

3. Woodland inspired

The natural wood finish of the Cradlewise crib complements a woodlands-inspired nursery theme.

Bring your baby’s room “into the woods” with sketch wallpaper featuring friendly forest animals they’ll love searching for long into the toddler years.

Add personality with animal-shaped hooks that could also double as drawer pulls, or wooden deer decor to hang above the changing table. A charming bear hamper and a birch shelf to display favorite mementos rounds out the look, and adds storage without being an eyesore.

Finish with a sweet throw pillow and wall art prints to inspire years of outdoor discovery.

Get the look:

4. Vintage classic

Classic, preppy-styled nurseries are back in a big way, and they also make a timeless backdrop for your Cradlewise!

Add richness with luxe materials like leather and velvet in colors like deep green, wine red, and warm brown. Details like a neutral storage hamper, equestrian-themed art, a charming custom name pennant, and plenty of plaid add personality without losing the elegance of the look.

Hestya tips: For a vintage classic nursery designed around the Cradlewise crib, Hestya suggests selecting hypoallergenic and soft-to-touch fabrics for upholstery, ensuring they’re baby-friendly. Luxurious yet practical, these materials can be in rich colors that evoke a vintage feel but are easy to clean.

Get the look:

5. Sophisticated chic

Looking for a little glamor in your baby’s nursery decor? This fashion-forward sophisticated style is perfectly on-trend, and creates a chic backdrop for your Cradlewise.

Light walls and an ivory glider give the look a touch of serenity (or Serena), while a patterned rug, dusty rose curtains, and gold wall hooks add function and romance to the room. Accent with dramatic black details, like a vintage-inspired dresser or plush pillows.

Finally, add a natural element like a faux olive tree or hanging greenery. 

Get the look:

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