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With winter upon us, it’s time to turn your baby’s nursery into a sanctuary of warmth, coziness, and comfort, if you haven’t already. Prepping baby’s nursery for the cold months ahead is not solely about ensuring your little one is warm (and you during overnight feeds), it’s also about maintaining a safe environment for them to sleep soundly in.

In this blog, we’ll cover how to enhance your nursery’s comfort while ensuring it stays aesthetically appealing. Here are 8 things that you can add to your nursery, for that cozy, snug feeling—

1. Bouclé fabric items

Bouclé has been making the rounds as a favorite nursery fabric, and we’re all for it! Why? Because nothing emulates warmth and coziness like bouclé. In French, bouclé means “to curl”. Bouclé fabric is made from soft, woven yarn that has small tufts, giving it a stylish, modern texture that people love. You can incorporate it into your baby’s nursery in several ways. Think bouclé throw pillows (not for the crib, but for a chair or as room decor), like this one from Target, storage ottomans, and nursery decor.

2. Fleece baby clothes and swaddles

When it gets cold outside, dressing baby in warm clothing is advisable. Fleece is a warm and soft fabric to dress your little one in when it gets chilly. Keep in mind that room temperature is important when dressing your baby in fleece. Fleece is not breathable, so if the room is warm enough, fleece could make your little one overheat.

Pediatricians recommend a room temperature between  68° and 72°F (20° to 22.2°C) for babies. If your home is well insulated and the nursery temperature can be regulated and kept stable, fleece clothing won’t be necessary. But, if the temperature in your nursery fluctuates or your home gets chilly in winter, consider fleece. Not all babies enjoy the feel of fleece either, so it will also depend on your little one.

If you do opt for fleece here are a few must-have pieces for a baby’s winter wardrobe –

  1. This fleece onesie by Babylist.
  2. Fleece PJs from Amazon.
  3. Fleece booties by Target.

3. Parent’s cozy blanket

Now that we’ve covered a couple of ways to keep your little one cozy, let’s look at one for you. Nothing says comfy like a soft, plush blanket, so add one to the nursery.

The next time you’re in there cuddling, feeding, or watching your little one (especially late at night), drape the blanket over your feet or shoulders for comfort. This throw by Bed Bath & Beyond is super soft and comes in a various colors.

To double up on the cozy vibes, leave a soft robe or sweater in the nursery to wear when you’re in there.

4. Nursery humidifier for dry winter air

Placing a purifier or humidifier in your nursery (we recommend placing it at least 3 feet away from your Cradlewise) will help fight against the dry winter air. Humidifiers add moisture back into the nursery, benefitting your baby’s skin and respiratory health. 

Purifiers also help filter the air, making your baby’s sleep environment safer and healthier. And don’t worry, these devices are quiet and won’t disturb your slumbering little one. Here’s one from Target that is both cute and functional.

5. Soft lighting options

To set the ambiance in the nursery, and give it those cozy feels, consider soft lighting. Dimmable lamps, string lights, or night lights serve a purpose other than aesthetics. 

When you’re popping in for late-night feedings, it’s best to have soft warm lighting so you can see rather than feel your way through the nursery without disturbing or confusing your baby. Here’s a beautiful ceramic nightlight, that will add a warm glow to your little one’s space.

6. Plush area rug

If your nursery has tile or hardwood floors, add a plush area rug to insulate the room. The rug will also double as a soft, warm spot for your little one to play and crawl on. 

This gorgeous rug by Crate and Barrel comes in three neutral colors to match any nursery theme.

7. Nursery wall art with warm tones

To liven up your nursery during the cold winter months, consider adding some warm-toned wall art. Wall art may not be able to heat a room but it can enhance the room’s coziness through comforting depictions. Wayfair has a lovely selection of nursery wall art, where you can find something to suit the theme of your room. This set, for example, is great if you have an animal or safari nursery.

8. Cozy seating options and a footrest

Another great way to make the nursery cozy, for you especially, is by adding a chair, preferably one with a footrest. Let’s be real, you’ll be spending a lot of time with your little one. 

There will be late-night feeds, book reading, and cuddles, lots and lots of cuddles. It’s hard to do all that on your feet, so having a soft place to sit down will go a long way to make you feel comfortable.

While this chair doesn’t have a footrest, it does rock and is made of bouclĂ© (that uber-cozy fabric we mentioned earlier. 

Now that we’ve covered a few ways in which you can make your baby’s nursery more cozy this winter, it’s time for you to personalize these suggestions to fit your style and your little one’s needs. Stay warm!


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