Holiday-themed baby names


The most wonderful time of the year is nearly here! It’s a time for friends and family to get together and celebrate another year well spent, and the beauty of the year ahead. It’s also a time for gift-giving and receiving. But, for expecting parents, there’s an extra special little gift waiting to arrive.

With such a momentous occasion in their lives around the corner, many new parents choose to commemorate the arrival of their baby with a holiday-inspired name. So this year, we’ve put together a list of the most popular names for little girls and boys born around the Yuletide season. If you’re looking for a timeless, classic, or unique baby name, this list is sure to inspire you.

1. Noel/Noelle: 

Origin: It originates from the Latin word nasci and the Old French word nae.

Meaning:  “To be born”  and “gift of God,” respectively.

Parents have been bestowing the name Noel, or its more feminine counterpart, Noelle, on their little boys or girls since the Middle Ages.

The name has long been associated with the holidays and is a true classic.


Did you know?

The first records of the word Noel appeared in the 1800s and are from the French “Joyeux Noël,” which is how you say “Merry Christmas” in French.

2. Ivy and Holly:

Origin: The name Ivy has Latin and English origins. Holly has Old English, Middle English, and Germanic origins.

Meaning: Both names mean “vine”. 

Both plants have been revered since ancient times for remaining evergreen even during the darkest and coldest winters. Because of this, they have come to signify eternal life and are exceedingly popular names for girls born during the holidays.

3. Eve:

Origin: Eve is a name originating from Hebrew and means “life”.

The name Eve is associated with the holidays as the day before Christmas or Christmas Eve and would be the perfect name for a little girl born on the 24th of December.

4. Snow:

Origin: The name Snow has Old English and Germanic origins.

Meaning: This one is self-explanatory. 😉

Snow is a gender-neutral name, that’s perfect for a baby born on or around the holidays. 

Which beloved character, and temporary King of the North do you think popularized the name “Snow”?

John Snow from Game of Thrones

5. Winter:

Origin: Derived from the Old English word “Winter”

Meaning: The time between autumn and spring.

This seasonal name has been in use since the 19th Century but has only recently gained popularity as a name for baby girls.

6. Gabriel and Gabriella

Origin: The name Gabriel originates from Hebrew.

Meaning: “God is my strength.”

Gabriel is ranked the 36th most popular name for baby boys all year round but is significantly more popular during the holidays because of the Archangel Gabriel, who heralded the birth of Jesus. 

The name’s female counterpart, Gabriella, is equally popular and is in the top 100 list of names in the US.

7. Nicholas

Origin: Originating from Greek.

Meaning: Nicholas means “Victory of the people”. 

The name is popular during the holidays because of its connection to Santa, a.k.a St. Nick, who takes inspiration from a 4th Century Bishop known for gift-giving.

8. Drummer:

Origin: Drummer originates from the Old English word “Drum”.

Meaning: Usually a surname, it means ridge.

However, it has gained popularity over the holidays as a unique gender-neutral name in homage to the beloved carol “The Little Drummer Boy.”


Did you know?

Originally titled “Carol of the Drum”, this beloved carol was written in 1941 by an American composer — Katherine Kennicott Davis which makes the song 82 years old.

9. Emmanuel and Emmanuelle

Origin: Emmanuel is a name of Hebrew origin.

Meaning: “God is with us.”

This name is a good choice during the holidays, given its religious sentiment. It has multiple variations like ‘Manuel,’ ‘Manny,’ and ‘Manuelo’ in Spanish and ‘Eman,’ and ‘Emanual’ in Hebrew. The female version of the name, Emmanuelle, is equally popular.

10. Christmas

Origin: The word Christmas, according to the Christian Encyclopedia, originates from the Middle English phrase “Cristes Maesse.” 

Meaning: Christ’s Mass.

It wouldn’t be the holidays without giving the name Christmas a shout-out. The name is used for both boys and girls and has become a popular pick for babies born on the 25th of December.

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