Creating baby’s first holiday traditions


As furry snowflakes start to fall and the scent of cinnamon fills the air, it can only mean one thing—the holiday season is upon us! But wait, this year is extra special because it’s your little one’s very first celebration of all things jolly and bright.

In the midst of the twinkling lights, gingerbread houses, and the delightful chaos of wrapping paper, we’ve got the inside scoop on how to make these holidays extra memorable for your bundle of joy.

From messy-but-oh-so-adorable handprint ornaments to letters to Santa, we’ve wrapped up a sleigh-load of 15 delightful traditions that will have your family saying, “Jingle all the way!”

So, gather around the virtual fireplace, sip on some hot cocoa, and let’s sleigh this holiday season with joy and laughter!

1. Personalized ornament for your baby

Kick off a yearly tradition of creating a personalized ornament featuring your baby’s adorable face. Choose a cute snapshot from the past year, add some holiday flair, and watch as your Christmas tree becomes a timeline of your little one’s growth and holiday adventures.

It’s like a yearly snapshot in ornament form, and unwrapping these treasures each year will bring a flood of warm memories and holiday nostalgia.

2. Messy but memorable handprint ornaments

Get creative with DIY handprint ornaments! Use safe, baby-friendly materials to capture your little one’s tiny handprint, creating a timeless keepsake that will adorn your tree.

Each print tells a story, from those adorable chubby baby hands to the slightly bigger, more adventurous hands of the following year. It’s a messy tradition that turns into a priceless timeline of your baby’s journey through the magical holiday seasons.

3. Santa’s lap (or not) photo tradition

Okay, so you’ve decked your munchkin in the cutest holiday outfit, and now it’s time for the quintessential Santa photo. Will your little one beam with joy, erupt into giggles, or give Santa a skeptical side-eye? Who knows!

Capture the magic of your baby’s first holiday season with a snapshot of their adorable uncertainty—whether they’re cozily nestled in Santa’s lap or gazing at the bearded wonder from a safe distance. It’s the festive equivalent of a baby’s first red carpet-moment! 

4. Frolic in the frosty outdoors

If you’re blessed with a winter wonderland, start a tradition of bundling up and taking your little one outdoors to experience the magic of snow. 

Bundle up your little snowflake and venture outdoors. Create snow angels or build mini snowmen for a chilly adventure. Whether it’s a playful snowball toss or the first attempt at making a baby snow angel, let your tiny tot experience the chilly charm of the season. Just remember, mittens are a must, and rosy cheeks are the ultimate accessory for this frosty frolic fest! 

5. Cookie decorating extravaganza

Grab those adorable aprons because it’s time for your little one to join the ranks of Santa’s cookie-making helpers. Roll out the dough, let those chubby fingers dip into colorful sprinkles, and watch the kitchen turn into a winter wonderland of sweet treats. Sure, the cookies might end up more abstract than Pinterest-perfect, but the giggles and frosting-covered smiles are the real masterpieces here! 

6. Letters to Santa 

Start an early letter-writing tradition to Santa. Jot down your baby’s wish list, or simply express gratitude for the joy they’ve brought into your life. Grab some crayons and let your little Picasso doodle something on that letter. Keep these letters as treasured mementos. When your little one is older, you can sit together and see how their tiny doodles evolved into their handwriting over the years.

7. DIY baby’s first stocking

Time to give that fireplace a taste of baby’s first-holiday flair! Create a personalized stocking for your baby’s first Christmas. Grab a plain stocking and go wild with baby-friendly decorations – think soft fabric paint, tiny bells, and maybe a sprinkle of stardust (or glitter if you’re feeling brave and prepared for a bit of sparkle chaos).  Fill it with small, age-appropriate toys and goodies. This stocking will evolve over the years as your child’s interests grow. 

8. Annual family photo card tradition

Dive headfirst into the world of festive fashion with matching holiday sweaters for the whole family. Strike a pose that’s equal parts coordinated and hilariously cheesy, capturing the essence of your unique clan. Then, turn those snapshots into an annual family photo card extravaganza! Send them out to friends and family, showcasing your little one’s adorable holiday spirit and spreading joy one mail slot at a time. Because nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a family photo that’s equal parts glamour and goofy! 

9. DIY holiday handprint wreath

Gather the family for a crafty escapade that involves turning those adorable baby handprints into a festive wreath masterpiece! Break out the washable paint, unleash your creativity, and let your little one leave their mark (literally) on this holiday season. Each handprint becomes a tiny piece of art, and when you assemble them into a wreath, it’s like creating a circle of joy that symbolizes your baby’s first festive journey. Hang it proudly on the front door or in the nursery, and bask in the warm glow of memories every time you pass by. It’s a hands-on way to cherish the holidays, one palm-sized print at a time!

10. Advent calendar adventure

Craft or purchase a baby-friendly advent calendar and fill each pocket with small surprises like soft toys, teething rings, or baby-friendly snacks. Counting down to Christmas has never been so exciting! As your little one grows, this can evolve into a beloved family tradition. 

11. Festive footprint art

Get creative with your baby’s footprints! Use washable, baby-safe paint to make holiday-themed footprint art. Turn those tiny tootsies into reindeer, snowmen, or even elves—it’s a messy yet adorable keepsake.

12. Joyful memory scrapbook

Start a holiday memory scrapbook for your little one. Include photos, mementos, and little notes about each tradition. It’s a beautiful keepsake that will grow with your family’s holiday history. Stick in those adorable Santa photos, the hilarious handprint mishaps, and maybe a snippet of that cookie-decorating chaos. It’s not just a scrapbook; it’s a time-traveling ticket to relive the giggles, the gurgles, and the glory of your baby’s first holiday.

13. Rudolph’s red-nose dress-up

Grab your baby’s attention and spread giggles with this adorable tradition! Dress your little one as Rudolph, complete with a cute red nose and tiny antlers. It’s like a mini-reindeer parade right in your living room! Plus, the photo ops are guaranteed to make your heart skip a beat. Who knew holiday magic could be so darn cute? 

14. Storytime by the fireplace glow

Share holiday-themed board books by the warm glow of the fireplace. It’s a cozy way to introduce your little one to the magic of storytelling. Keep the books in a time capsule. Over the years, you’ll have a treasure trove of memories, and you’ll get to see how your baby’s first picture books evolved to the adventures of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.

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