12 ways to celebrate your baby’s first holiday season


‘Tis the holiday season! As parents, we know why these moments are so precious — twinkling lights, adorable onesies, and the sweet sound of little giggles. Whether your baby is discovering the wonder of snowflakes or learning how to create their first snow angel, this is your go-to guide if you want to start new holiday traditions with your little one.

From DIY crafts to sensory play and heartwarming traditions, we’re here to make your baby’s first holidays unforgettable. Let’s embark on this joyous journey together, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Cheers to the baby’s first festive season!

1. Baby memory capsule

Create a time capsule filled with memorable items from your baby’s first holiday season, such as a tiny stocking, a holiday-themed onesie, and a handwritten note about your favorite moments. Bury it in the backyard or store it in a special place to open on their future holidays. Trust us! That’s going to be quite an emotional and memorable day for you and your kids.

2. Footprint ornament workshop

If this is your baby’s first Christmas, get crafty by turning your baby’s tiny footprints into adorable holiday ornaments. Use non-toxic paint to stamp their footprints on plain ornaments, and add their name and the date for a personalized touch. Hang these keepsakes on your tree for years to come.

3. Holiday onesie parade

Host a festive onesie parade featuring your baby and their little friends. Have a mini runway, play holiday tunes, and let the babies show off their cute holiday-themed onesies. Don’t forget to capture the adorable moments on camera! You can also start a family tradition by getting similar onesies and taking memorable pictures in them each year.

4. Family holiday pajama day

Declare a family pajama day where everyone, including your baby, dresses in matching holiday-themed pajamas. Spend the day cuddling, playing games, and enjoying each other’s company in the comfort of festive sleepwear.

5. Baby’s first photo booth

Nothing captures the spirit of the holidays better than a photo booth with festive props. Set up a mini photo booth with holiday-themed props (bells, Santa caps, candy canes) and costumes for your baby and guests. Capture candid moments and create a photo album to cherish the memories of your baby’s first holiday season.

6. Santa’s Little Helper playdate

Arrange a playdate with other babies and create a festive obstacle course or play area. Dress the little ones as Santa’s little helpers, and watch as they explore the holiday-themed activities together.

7. Winter wonderland tummy time

Transform your baby’s tummy time into a winter wonderland by placing them on a soft, snowflake-themed play mat. Hang snowflakes from above, play gentle winter sounds, and let them enjoy a sensory exploration of the season.

8. Baby’s first-holiday playlist

Curate a special playlist of holiday songs for your baby. Play it during playtime, car rides, and even bedtime. The familiarity of the tunes will become a comforting and festive backdrop to their first holiday season.

9. Snowflake baby art

Create a unique piece of baby art by placing paper over a textured snowflake and letting your baby explore with safe, washable paint. The result will be a beautiful, personalized snowflake masterpiece to display during the holiday season.

10. DIY holiday baby mobile

Craft a holiday-themed baby mobile using soft, baby-safe materials. Hang tiny ornaments, soft snowflakes, or miniature stockings to captivate your baby’s attention and bring the holiday spirit to their crib.

11. Baby-friendly hot cocoa bar

Create a baby-friendly hot cocoa bar by offering warm, diluted cocoa in a sippy cup. Decorate the area with baby-safe toppings like whipped cream and marshmallow shapes. It’s a delightful way to share a cozy moment with your little one.

12. Snowman-building sensory play

Set up a sensory play activity by creating a baby-friendly snowman using soft, white fabric or cotton balls. Let your baby explore the textures and shapes as they “build” their own snowman indoors.

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