How to keep yourself and your newborn occupied during winter


Maybe it’s cold outside, but you can still find plenty to do to keep yourself and your bundle of joy entertained. From indoors to outdoors, we’re covering all the baby-friendly activities you can do with your tot during the winter.

The importance of staying busy in winter

Winter is tough on new moms because the harsh weather and seasonal illnesses can make it difficult to stay mentally and physically healthy and to get out and about.

While staying indoors, snuggled up with your little one is great in winter, it’s also important to get some fresh air. Winter moms are more prone to postpartum depression but stepping out can boost their energy and mood.

Therefore, one of the best things you could do with your little one in winter is get bundled up and head out for a short walk. Keep in mind that newborns are more susceptible to catching colds, so make sure you wash your hands before touching things outdoors and then your little one. For the same reason, it’s best to ensure others don’t touch your newborn while you take a stroll.

If you do decide to brave the cold, dressing your little one warmly is paramount. Mittens, hats, booties, and at least two layers of clothing under a jacket are a must. 

Add a blanket over this for extra warmth but make sure it’s snug for safety, consider a wearable blanket made of fleece or wool. To further protect your little one from the cold, especially wind, opt for a stroller cover.

Unleash your inner Picasso

Keeping the season in mind, you can enjoy time at home creating winter-themed art. Grab paint brushes, baby-safe paint, and poster paper to create works of art with your and your baby’s handprints. Handprints can be turned into penguins, polar bears, robins, and even snowflakes.

DIY Sensory Bins

These are a fun way to keep your baby entertained on a snow day using household items. For instance, if you have giant shell pasta, which is big and doesn’t pose a choking hazard, you could use it to create a sensory bin for your little one.

Mix in other toys such as plastic animals, dolls, or linking rings, and watch the good times roll! You could also repurpose your pool noodles in winter. Cut them up into even sizes and let your little one experiment with stacking or rolling them. Similarly, you could create a ball sensory bin with balls of various shapes, colors, textures, and sizes. Your baby will love it!

Sensory Bottles

Another excellent sensory way to keep your baby engaged while indoors during winter is to make a sensory bottle at home. These bottles are mess-free and will spark your little one’s curiosity.

There’s Lenny around the house you can use to make these bottles. Think Pom poms, rubber bands, buttons, beans, small toys, water beads, or even dried pasta. Rummage through your drawers, we’re sure you’ll find something. 

Simply fill up a bottle with water, add whatever you could find, and screw the top on tightly. Hand this over to your little one and watch them become fascinated by the floating items.


You could choose to do this at home as part of your bedtime or nap time routine or just for fun. Read a few good books to your newborn and watch them be soothed by your voice. A great way to make this more interactive and entertaining is to put on a puppet show for your child.

If you’d like to go out, try your local library. Chances are they offer storytime for babies, where you’ll meet other parents and little ones, hear stories, sing songs, and make friends, and admission is free.

Enroll in baby yoga

If your newborn is eight weeks (and was a full term) or older, baby yoga is a great winter activity for several reasons. Firstly, it’s an excellent way to get in some postpartum exercise and rebuild your strength (remember to clear it with your doctor). For moms who had cesareans, it’s recommended that you wait until 12 weeks postpartum to begin baby yoga.

It’s also an opportunity for you to bond with your little one. Plus, you’ll meet plenty of other parents with babies, make new friends, and have a great time! There are usually options for beginner or advanced levels and you can choose to attend classes in-person or online.

Get jiggy with it

To fend off seasonal depression and rid yourself of those winter blues, why not jam out with your little one? Depending on your mood and baby’s age, put on some upbeat hits or soothing melodies and dance like no one’s watching. 

Strap baby into their wrap or sling and sway to the beat. If your baby is a little older, you could get in an arm workout by carrying them in your arms while you dance.

Snuggle time is always on the table

Remember how we mentioned being snuggled up with your little one is great in winter? Well, it’s a pinnacle cozy moment. Grab a fluffy blanket, and some warm, buttery popcorn, throw on your favorite movie, and snuggle up with your loved ones for a family-friendly movie night.

Virtual play dates

Virtual play dates are another great way for you and your little one to bond with others while staying indoors out of the cold. These dates are the perfect way to introduce your baby to social skill development.

You could connect with parents and their kids via Google Hangouts or FaceTime. These platforms are free, accessible through various devices (smartphones, tablets, or laptops), and are easy to use. 

Set up dates with friends or family and enjoy socializing from the comforting warmth of your own home.

No matter which of these activities you choose, remember to embrace the season and cherish these moments with your little one because it’s true what they say, they grow up so fast!


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