Cradlewise nursery tours: 15 heartwarming themes to inspire your imagination

We absolutely love when our Cradlewise families share their nurseries with us! Please note that stuffed animals, mobiles, and other items in and around the crib shouldn’t be used when baby is present. But those little additions do make some super adorable photos!

From choosing the theme, colors, and overall vibe to the details like the decor, toys, and furniture, decorating your nursery is an adventure all on its own.

And what better way to get inspired than to check out the nursery tours from our Cradlewise community of parents? Our nursery tours are not just showcases of stunning themes and decor; they’re a window into the hearts and homes of our incredible community members who pour their love, passion, and imagination into crafting the perfect space for their little ones.

Your contributions to our community are invaluable. By sharing your nursery tours, you inspire others on their parenting journeys and strengthen the bonds that make our community so extraordinary.

We’ve put together 15 nursery tours with drool-worthy themes and decor for you. From a jungle paradise to a whimsical wonderland, there’s a nursery theme for every little one’s dream.

Join us on a tour of heartwarming nursery designs that will inspire you and spark your imagination.

1. Modern jungle-themed paradise

Source: @crystalvalenti3

Step into Crystal’s modern jungle paradise, where lush greens and natural textures transport you into a Disney movie!

The light green wall paint and the dark green curtains create a calming, natural atmosphere. The wood floating bookshelves are perfect for decorating the nursery with stuffed animals, and the Hakuna Matata sign decor ties the jungle theme together perfectly.

2. Modern, whimsical dream

Source: @mariaa_sophiaaa

Maria’s nursery is a whimsical wonderland filled with pastel hues and dreamy decor. The dusty pink night light hot air balloon and the matching baby swing add a magical touch to the nursery.

The nature-inspired boho wallpaper adorned with palm trees, leaves, and cacti prints on a beige background provides a striking contrast to the dark olive green accent wall with a mountain frame, exuding a sense of enchantment that will captivate your child’s imagination.

3. Sea, surf, and tides 

Source: @emilyshawngosling

Emily’s nursery embraces the serenity of the sea with its coastal-inspired design. Soft blues, sandy tones, and nautical elements make this nursery a tranquil haven for your little sailor.

The absolute highlights of this nursery include a boat-shaped, three-tiered bookshelf, the wallpaper with a beautiful print of birds flying over waves, and the hammerhead shark wall decor that emits a  soothing  glow. You’ll feel like you’re in an oceanic paradise.

4. Princess, a theme that never goes out of style

Source: @cradlewise

Step into a world of enchantment in Joffre’s princess-themed nursery. With regal decor, delicate accents, a dusty pink macrame, and wall decor, this room is fit for a little royal, making them feel like the king or queen of their own fairy tale. 

5. Neutral colors

Source: @marionwright_

Not a fan of bold colors? Marion’s nursery showcases the beauty of neutral shades, creating a soothing and timeless space. The subtle palette and minimalist design make it an ideal canvas for personal touches and creativity. 

6. A teddy bear picnic

Source: @emmabossi

Who doesn’t love a nursery filled with cute, fuzzy little teddy bears? Emma’s nursery is a warm space filled with cuddly teddy bears and a light, airy ambiance. 

Fluffy plush teddies adorn the shelves, adding a touch of nostalgia and comfort to your little one’s room. Embrace the timeless appeal of teddy bears and watch as your nursery becomes a haven of snuggles and sweet dreams.

7. A wild adventure

Source: @theequeensofqueens

From adorable animal prints to lush jungle greens, this nursery is a roaring adventure waiting for your little explorer. So, why settle for ordinary when you can go wild in your baby’s nursery? Get ready to embrace the fun side of parenting and discover how to create a space that’s as fun as it is functional.

The mounted wall shelves filled with stuffed lions, elephants, and giraffes, along with animal paintings on the wall is what makes this nursery extra special.

8. Bold art with great graphics

Source: @coop_kel

This nursery is a burst of creativity with its fun art and vibrant accents. It’s a space where imagination knows no bounds, and every day is an artistic adventure. Check out the bright orange shark face that appears to leap out of the wall for more inspiration. 

9. Winnie the Pooh

Source: @momyluvstrinity

Step into the Hundred Acre Wood with this Winnie the Pooh-themed nursery. Classic and adorable, this nursery brings the beloved characters to life, creating a  whimsical wonderland for your little one. 

The highlight of this nursery is the large, fluffy cloud that appears to be gently drifting on the wall, making this nursery feel like a magical place where every day is an adventure!

10. A rainbow of fun

Source: @getstyledby_ak

Say goodbye to traditional beige and embrace the whimsical charm of a rainbow-inspired haven for your little one. 

Gray serves as the new neutral here, providing the  perfect canvas for rainbow-themed tassels and bunting flags. The rainbow print on the wallpaper showcases a kaleidoscope of colors, making every day a magical adventure.

11. Modern boho

Source: @Cradlewise

Step into the whimsical world of this warm and welcoming nursery! This enchanting space is a mashup of cozy meets chic, where earthy tones mingle with vibrant pops of color. The dreamy macrame hanging from the ceiling and minimalist furniture makes this nursery an absolute modern boho dream.

12. Shades of pink

Source: @lex_sierra

Step into the sweetest nursery you ever saw—the “Shades of Pink” paradise!

This nursery is a cotton candy dream come true, with blush, bubblegum, and the lightest of pinks dancing on the walls. With various shades of pink and elegant decor, this room exudes a sense of sophistication and charm. 

13. Let’s get personal

Source: @claudiaegreen

Discover a world of personal touches that make this nursery truly one-of-a-kind!

The personal touches like paintings by the dad’s grandmother make it precious beyond words.

These strokes of love and nostalgia not only add a splash of color but also a sprinkle of family history to this adorable space. It’s like a cozy hug from generations past every time you walk in.

14. Fit for a flower child

Source: @nicoleleehollingsworth

Rock ‘n’ roll into Lakelee’s music-themed nursery! This musical paradise is all about groovy vibes and musical magic. From electric and acoustic guitars to a crib that sings lullabies, every note hits just right. The 70s-inspired decor is like a blast from the past, harmonizing the love for music with the love for baby Lakelee.

15. Clouds 

Source: @jjasmineyang

Step into a dreamy wonderland with our featured clouds-themed nursery with a statement wall. This heavenly haven envelops your little one in a soft, serene ambiance, thanks to its captivating cloud-printed wallpaper.

Subtle, soothing colors create a tranquil atmosphere. The fluffy crescent moon-shaped pillow and a nightstand with a wooden cloud add a whimsical touch. This nursery is a perfect escape into the sky, where your baby’s dreams can soar among the clouds.

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