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How the Cradlewise app helps families stay connected

By Cradlewise Staff

Cradlewise’s built-in monitor, which is accessible through our smartphone app, allows you to watch your baby live from anywhere in the world. (Thanks to the audio feature, you’ll even get to hear priceless sounds like cooing and gurgling!)

We designed our app’s Caregiver team functionality with the goal of keeping your baby connected to not only you but also their loved ones all around the world. By using the caregiver team function, you can grant caregiver access to grandparents, relatives, and friends, allowing them to marvel over your baby in real time.

How the caregiver feature helps you

We know that new parents already have their hands full. And since it takes a village to raise a child, our caregiver functionality provides you with just that—a virtual village.

My mom would take little screenshots and say, ‘you did such a good job.’ And then she will say, ‘he’s asleep.’ I’ll wave, and she will see me smile in the camera, and those are sweet moments that we would have if we weren’t so far away.

— Pamela, a Cradlewise mom

Pamela waving to her mom on Buster’s monitor
Pamela waving to her mom on Buster’s monitor

Read more about Pamela’s journey.

I’m very close with my family, and in that initial month, I felt like I had to let so many people know how Armour was doing. The Cradlewise app took the stress away. Here was an app they could log in to and literally watch Armour sleep. The app meant that I could get the extra rest that I needed too.

– Stacey, a Cradlewise mom

Stacey's mom looking at Cradlewise app
Stacey’s mom checking out her grandchild in the Cradlewise app

Read more about Stacey’s journey.

Other than staying connected, this function helps parents in countless other ways:

  • If you have to go out and run errands, you can ask a friend to come over and keep an eye on your little one from their Cradlewise app.
  • Curious about what your little one is up to when you’re asleep? Ask a friend or family member who lives in a different time zone to check in and share their observations. 
  • Want to share your baby’s milestones and moments of growing up with friends and family members who don’t live nearby? The caregiver function allows them to view the baby at any time without them having to get on a video call to check in on how the little one is doing.

This functionality has helped many grandparents in our community stay connected with their grandbabies. Separated by time, distance, and sometimes a global pandemic, the caregiver functionality allows parents to share their growing baby’s precious moments with families and friends, even when they can’t get together in person.  

Of course, you can also add friends, aunties, uncles, and nannies to your baby’s roster of caregivers—all are welcome. You can add up to 10 caregivers in total.

Three levels of caregiver access

You can select people to be a part of your team on your own terms. You can choose how much access the caregiver has to your little one through the Cradlewise app. 

Mobile Image

How to grant caregiver access

To grant caregivers access, go to:

  1. Settings > Guardian > Account settings > Caregiver team.
  2. Tap the + sign on the top right corner to add a caregiver.
  3. Choose the relationship—Father, Mother, or Guardian.
  4. Choose the desired access level—Admin, View & control, or View only.
  5. Tap on ‘Generate and share link’ > Share the link by email or your desired messaging app.

The guardian will receive a message prompting them to download the Cradlewise App and a link that will grant them the caregiver access. 

Just in case tapping on the link does not auto-fill the code in their app, the message will also contain an invite code that they can enter in their app to get caregiver access. 

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