12 ​​photos to take during baby’s first year


If you thought your camera roll was full before, just wait until your little one is born. In their very first 24 hours of life, you’ll probably have taken more photos of them than you’re willing to admit. They’re just so cute — and they’re all yours, which makes them all the more special. And they’ll only be this little for a short time, so it’s good to capture them in each phase of babyhood — it goes by fast! 

While you should go ahead and take as many candid snapshots of your sweetie as you can, whether they’re smiling, cooing, sleeping, or just gazing off into the distance, there are certain photo ops that you won’t want to miss. 

Here are the 12 most memorable moments you’ll want to take a picture of during your baby’s first year. 

Parents and baby in the hospital

Newborn with mother in hospital
Source: @dszenczy

It’s a moment you’ll never forget: meeting your baby for the very first time. After nine months of pregnancy, feeling their little kicks and hiccups, you’ve dreamed of the moment you’d finally get to hold your baby. While there’s no pressure to capture images of your baby’s actual birth (unless you want to, of course), don’t miss the opportunity to snap at least a few photos of the moments surrounding your baby’s introduction into the world — and your arms.

Tip: You might not love how you look after just giving birth, but trust us when we say you are beautiful, strong, and incredible. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture a powerful moment in a photo you’ll always treasure … no matter what your hair looks like.

Meeting grandparents

The only thing sweeter than footage of you meeting your baby is footage of your mom, dad or your partner’s parents meeting their grandchild for the first time. It’s a moment in time that only happens once, so be sure to have your camera on hand to capture it in all its glory.

Tip: If you can, try to have someone else film the meeting. Chances are, your parents’ response to meeting their grandchild will be quite emotional, and may be best captured through video. 

Newborn photos

Newborn photos
Source: @Jennsinrich

If there’s one time to splurge on professional photography, it’s during your baby’s newborn stage. This period of your baby’s growth might feel eternal in the moment, especially when you’re not getting much sleep or solo time, but any mom will tell you that it goes by in the blink of an eye. Newborn photos capture your baby’s infancy — dressed up with adorable backgrounds and precious poses. 

Tip: Make sure to hire a photographer who specializes in newborn photos, as they’ve mastered the art that is getting a sleepy baby swaddled and into all sorts of positions that make for aww-worthy photographs. 

Family photos

Source: @klotliker

While you’re scoring sweet pics of your baby in their newborn phase, it’s also a good time to take some family photos of you, your partner, your sweet baby, and any siblings. Remember, these days go by so fast, and having a photo of your family during this stage will be something you’ll treasure forever. 

Tip: If your family photos include siblings, be sure to schedule the photo session for the morning when they’ll be awake and less likely to be cranky! Also, if you’re looking for some inspiration, check out Pinterest for some awesome newborn family photo ideas.

Monthly milestone photos

One month old baby photoshoot
Source: @JessicaDalyy

You’ll be so surprised by how your baby grows from one month to the next, and one of the best ways to track this growth and developmental progress is by taking monthly milestone photos. 

Tip: You can do this in a variety of ways — by simply taking a picture of them in a cute pose along with a sheet of paper that indicates their age at the time (one month, two months, three months, and so on), or you can purchase a newborn photo blanket or milestone mat to use for each month’s photo. You can also place a development board or a letterboard next to them for photos that show their age, height, weight, milestones, and more. 

Holiday and seasonal photos

Little babu dressed as Santa
Source: @meetthemungers

There’s a first for everything, including each of your baby’s first holidays and seasons. She might not remember the first time she got all dressed up under the Christmas tree for a sweet photo, but you will! And snapping a pic creates a memory you can share with her when she gets older. 

Tip: To get the lighting right, try having the light from the tree angling down towards your baby’s face and take the photo from directly above them. 

First tooth 

Baby's first tooth
Source: @carlyuae

Between months 5 and 7, you can expect to notice a pearly white (or two!) poking through your baby’s gums. (You’ll probably get fair warning in the weeks leading up to its breakthrough: cue the drool!) This is definitely a moment you’ll want to capture, as your baby’s gummy grin won’t stay gummy for long.

Tip: If your baby is too fussy for these pictures, try offering them something cold, whether it’s a teether you stored in the freezer or a frozen washcloth to gnaw on. 

Playing in their crib

Baby playing their crib

This might seem like a rather simple moment as it’s happening — after all, you see your baby in their crib every day, right? But don’t forget: Your baby’s time sleeping in their crib is short lived, and it won’t be long before you start transitioning them into a “big kid” bed. So take the time to capture some sweet photos of them playing in their crib — their very first sleeping space. 

Tip: If you choose to throw in stuffed animals, blankets or any toys for them to pose with in their crib, don’t forget to take them out before nap or bedtime for safety. 

Crawling for the first time

Source: @neallongfoot 

Of all the milestones you’re looking forward to, seeing your baby crawl for the first time is probably near the top of the list. It’s an amazing thing to see your child showing off their newfound independence, so be sure to capture it via video or photo!

Tip: If your little one is really on the go, the pictures might come out blurry, so be sure to take your time until you’ve caught a pic you’re happy with. 

First vacation

Baby's First Vacation
Source: @jennsinrich

Chances are, your baby will love a well-deserved vacation just as much as you do, so capturing a happy smile or an unforgettable moment won’t be a major challenge. Whether it’s a road trip to the mountains or a flight to Disney World, you’ll be so happy that you made a point to capture your family’s early memories. 

Tip: Be sure to take the photo with a background that showcases where you went so that you don’t forget!

First haircut

baby's first haircut
Source: @a.hunnis.beauty

This moment might happen in your baby’s first year or it might happen in their second, since every baby grows at their own pace — as do the tiny hairs on their head! Whether you cut their hair at home or take them to a fancy salon, be sure to have your camera ready. 

Tip: Whenever your baby’s ready for their first haircut, bring a baggie so that you can keep a few locks. As weird as it sounds, you’ll be happy you did!

First birthday

Source: @lovelensesphotography

Your baby’s first birthday is as important of a milestone for you as it is for them — after all, it marks one full year of you being a parent. You deserve all the accolades for the amazing job you did raising an child for 12 months, so be sure to capture the moment with lots of pictures of you both. 
Tip: If you don’t mind the mess, go ahead and offer your little one a small cake to enjoy with their hands. Also called a “smash cake,” these make photos of your baby’s first birthday even sweeter.

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