How Cradlewise builds the best natural wood crib for your baby


Babies and toddlers spend most of their days napping, resting, or playing in their cribs — up to 14 to 17 hours per day, give or take! Naturally, choosing the right crib for your little one is important.

Your baby’s crib should be comfortable, safe, and non-toxic. That’s why we designed the Cradlewise crib not just for aesthetics, but also for functionality, sustainability, and comfort.

Here’s a closer look at our natural wood crib frame, and what goes into making it as safe as can be for your baby while still making sure it’s durable and stylish.

What kind of wood is Cradlewise made of?

The crib’s frame is made of natural molded plywood. We chose molded plywood as it’s more durable than regular plywood and lighter than solid wood. 

Using molded plywood allowed us to give the crib its curved edges, which are safer for baby. The crib is also easier to move around even though it’s not on wheels because of the lightweight wood we’ve used (two people can easily maneuver it).

We used birch for the inner core and white oak for the outer veneer. Birch is a light, strong wood with wood grains that are not too prominent. The white oak we’ve used is a light wood that aesthetically looks great.

Since we’ve gone with natural, biodegradable woods for the crib, there might be a slight variation in color from crib to crib.

Another great thing about plywood — it’s sustainable. Since it’s not solid wood, we end up using less to produce the crib. Molded plywood also has longevity: It lasts a long time, and can be recycled.

What adhesives do we use for the crib frame?

Many cribs, including wood cribs, use formaldehyde adhesive, which emits volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. By contrast, Cradlewise uses an E0-type glue and water-based finish that is GREENGUARD Gold certified and VOC-free. In fact, our entire crib is GREENGUARD Gold certified.

In other words, your Cradlewise crib emits zero to low chemicals and creates a healthier indoor environment for you and baby. Also, the finish we use is lead- and phthalate-free.

Our EPA and CARB certifications

Apart from Greenguard Gold Certification, Cradlewise is also EPA and CARB certified, which means the crib does not emit harmful amounts of formaldehyde. 

Formaldehyde is another chemical emission that degrades indoor air quality and can pose potential health risks. Being EPA and CARB certified is a major plus for your family’s health!

Cradlewise also passes California Proposition 65 or CP 65 certification, which indicates that our wooden crib’s transparent coating does not contain any of the chemicals listed under California Proposition 65.

JPMA certification

Cradlewise is also JPMA certified. That means it has been tested and certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) to meet their safety and performance standards for baby cribs.

These specific safety requirements established by JPMA help to ensure that the crib is safe for use by babies.

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