Why do we sleep and wake up at the same time everyday? The answer lies in your genes

How does our body maintain precise timing ? In the last article, we got introduced to what is circadian rhythm. This 24-hour tempo, controls our timed preferences for eating, sleeping, moods, emotions, our core body temperature, metabolic rate and release of numerous hormones. Will our circadian rhythm go haywire in absence of sunlight ? Long before we discovered […]

You are not in control of when you feel sleepy, your internal clock is.

Series 1 : Our biological clock/clocks Since the birth of our planet, and every single day thereafter, the sun has risen in the morning and set in the evening. This clockwork-like behavior of the sun gives us our days and nights, around which we program our lives. All life forms, from the tiniest unicellular organism to […]

How to care for your newborn during the 4th trimester ?

Your baby is early by 3 months! Going from 0 to 3 The “4th trimester” refers to the transition period after childbirth when infants are adjusting to life outside the womb and mothers are adjusting to new parenthood. This critical period is marked by significant biological, psychological, and social changes. Multiple issues intersect during this critical […]