15 creative pregnancy announcement ideas for the summer


Summer is the season of warmth, vibrancy, and joy, which makes it the perfect time to share your exciting news with family and friends. Whether you’re at the beach lounging in the sunshine, savoring a picnic at the park, or celebrating with fireworks, summer presents countless opportunities for a memorable baby announcement. 

So grab your camera, gather your loved ones, and let’s dive into the wonderful world of summer baby announcements!

Outdoor-themed announcements

1. Beach baby announcement

If you live by the beach or have an oceanside vacation coming up, a beach baby announcement would work perfectly. It allows you to use the sun, water, and sand as a gorgeous backdrop to your exciting news

You could include visual elements such as ultrasound photos or baby items (think onesies, booties, and socks) artfully arranged on the sand or incorporate sandcastles or writing in the sand to make your announcement.

Another great option is for Mom and Dad to strike a pose—Cuddle up, take your first family photo with your growing bundle of joy and share the pictures with your loved one.

2. Picnic in the park

Nothing says summer like a picnic. A picnic is a perfect backdrop for an intimate, celebratory, and memorable pregnancy announcement. 

Parks with their pretty flowers, green grass, and fresh air will enhance your announcement, create a relaxed atmosphere, and make for perfect photos. Your picnic can be low-key or decked out to fit your preference, and parks can accommodate large or small celebrations.

Gather your near and dear ones in a beautiful, serene spot and share the joyous news through props, a special reveal, or games. To set up your picnic, you could:

  • Include a large picnic blanket (with extra cushions) to create cozy seating.
  • Hang an announcement banner that says, “Coming soon”, “Guess what?”, or “We’re pregnant!”.
  • Use baby-themed props such as little shoes, or chalkboard with your due date.
  • Set up a photo booth or hire a photographer to capture the reactions of your guests.

3. Camping adventure

Another great outdoorsy way to share your pregnancy news would be an adventurous camping pregnancy announcement. You can create a cozy space for your family by setting up a campfire, tents, and sleeping bags. Add a decorative touch with wooden “Baby on board” or “New camper arriving soon” signs.

Include a few cute baby-themed props such as a tiny tent, baby hiking boots, and mini camping gear. To add a touch of magic to the ambiance, string up some fairy lights.

The spots you choose don’t have to be hard to get to either. Sure, a national park, mountain, lakeside, or forest campsite are great options, but you could just as easily set the scene in your own backyard.

Don’t forget, the best camping trips have great food so be sure to include fan favs like hot dogs, trail mix, hot chocolate, hamburgers, and s’mores.

Tip: If this isn’t your first child, consider dressing your soon-to-be older sibling in big brother or sister camping gear and make them feel included in helping set up the campsite.

 4. Garden Party

With Bridgerton being all the rage these days, why not gather the who’s who of the ton at an epic garden party and announce your pregnancy? Garden-themed announcements are elegant, charming, and great for all the girly girls out there.

Picture fragrant fresh blooms, lush greenery, tea, and finger sandwiches galore. There is an endless array of garden props you can incorporate in your announcement such as floral arrangements (including baby’s breath for a subtle hint), garden benches, fluffy cushions, and a big buffet of food with floral accents.

To feed your guests, put out cucumber, egg salad, and smoked salmon tea sandwiches, fresh salad, delectable pastries like macarons, mini-cupcakes, jams, and scones, and an assortment of beverages like lemonade, and mocktails. For the big reveal, consider a treasure hunt where the clues lead to the announcement.

Water-inspired announcements

5. Poolside fun

Announce your pregnancy with a splash by hosting a unique and fun poolside pregnancy announcement.. If you have a pool why not make use of it to reveal your pregnancy news?

To share your big news, you can:

  • Use baby-themed pool floats such as a stork or rubber ducky.
  • Similarly, you can put up banners that say, “Making a splash with Baby #1!”. 
  • Another great idea would be to have custom beach balls made with your due date.
  • Sticking to the idea of using baby items, consider displaying tiny swimwear, little flip-flops, and mini goggles.
  • Balloons are a great option too, colorful balloons are an affordable way to capture the summer vibe and decorate.

You can feed your hungry guests with fresh fruit, refreshing salads, finger foods like sliders and wraps, popsicles and baby-themed cupcakes, and lots of cold drinks.

6. Sailboat or yacht

If you or your spouse are sailing fans, a fun, fancy, intimate, and exciting pregnancy announcement idea is to rent, borrow, or use your own sailboat/yacht to let your loved ones in on your secret.

Imagine how memorable your pregnancy reveal will be while your boat is gently swaying on miles of aquamarine water.

The nautical theme has been and always will be popular, whether it’s for gender reveals, baby announcements, or nurseries. So, it will be very easy to find nautical decor for your special gathering. 

You can decorate your boat with anchors, seashells, and ropes in a blue-and-white color scheme. Since you’re on a boat, flags that say “Baby on board” or “New crew member coming soon” would be a lovely touch.

Consider displaying your due date on life preservers, and putting out baby items like baby-sized life jackets or sailor hats. If you want the announcement to be a surprise, place a message in a bottle and have your loved ones open it when you’re ready.

7. Splash pad

If you don’t have access to a pool or sailboat or want to have a water-themed announcement on a budget, a splash pad reveal would be just as special. If you have kids and are welcoming another, they will enjoy themselves immensely at your splash pad baby announcement.

A sweet way to share the news would be to have blow-up letters that spell the word “baby” in the splash pad. Alternatively, if you want the reveal to be a surprise, you could release waterproof confetti during the celebration.

After you share the news the entire family can join in some fun playing with water guns, taking memorable photos, and nibbling on delicious snacks.

Seasonal and holiday announcements

8. Fourth of July fireworks

The Fourth of July is already a cause for celebration and a time when family and friends gather together. If it is your favorite holiday, then it would be the perfect occasion to share your pregnancy news. Everyone will already be in high spirits, and your announcement will make it all the more special.

You can play on the patriotic theme using red, white, and blue decor like balloons, banners, and table settings and incorporating Stars and Stripes. For messages, consider “Baby’s first Fourth!” Or “Red, white, and due”. If you time it right, you can share your special news just before the fireworks go off. Make your announcement using sparklers, neon signs, or glow sticks.

9. Ice cream social

An ice-cream social baby announcement is a sweet (pun intended) way to share your exciting news. 

Invite all your loved ones over for an ice-cream-themed party and make your announcement through props, decor, or a big reveal.

This idea is a laid-back, colorful, and interactive one because, of course, it wouldn’t be an ice cream social without a DIY sundae station. Your sundae bar should have loads of flavors, sauces, and toppings. You can also add playful messages such as “Scooping up a sweet surprise”. Once everyone has a sweet treat, you make your big reveal.

10. Summer Sports

Summer is all about fun in the sun and, nothing says sunshine and fun like sports! So, combining the thrill of summer sports with your baby news is something a lot of parents choose to do. 

Sports-related decor like banners, balloons, and flags in your favorite sports team’s colors is easily available. Depending on the sport, you can also include props like rackets, bats, balls, and jerseys that say “Baby MVP”, “New player arriving soon”, or “Team (your last name)”. 

When it’s time to make your announcement, or play a game, exploding baseballs are all the rage these days. You could use one of them to reveal the news. Alternatively, you could also have a mini scoreboard that reveals the news with your due date on it.

Creative props and themes

11. Fruit-themed announcement

Summertime brings sunshine and, with it, delicious fruit. Given the correlation between pregnancy and bearing fruit, a fruit-themed announcement is apt. It is a colorful, tasty, and playful way to announce your pregnancy to family and friends.

A fruit-themed announcement is healthy and works well for both indoor and outdoor settings. You can set up a fruit buffet with pineapples, watermelon, lemons, strawberries, and more and include fruit baskets for your loved ones to take home.

To reveal your pregnancy, you can have a special fruit basket created to unveil during the event. The fruit in the basket can be carved to say, “Baby on board” or “Adding a sweet peach to our family”. 

12. Balloons and bubbles

If you’re looking for a low-key, light-hearted, and whimsical way to announce your pregnancy, a balloons and bubbles-themed event is an excellent choice.

Buy a variety of balloons in different shapes and sizes and fill them with helium to create a floating effect. For the bubbles, you can hire a bubble machine and have a constant stream of floating decorations that need no cleanup.

To play on the theme more, you can add hand-held bubble wands and giant balloons. If you want your announcement to be a surprise you can fill one of the giant balloons with confetti or smaller balloons which you can pop to reveal your news.

13. Barbecue bonanza

Sometimes, the simplest baby reveals are the most unforgettable and fun. If you are looking for a great way to bring everyone together and share your news, consider a tasty barbecue. A backyard cookout, followed by the big reveal over a delicious meal, good music, and great conversation will be a time to remember.

If you want to incorporate a baby theme to your BBQ, consider mini grills, tiny grilling tools, and a small apron with “Grill master to be” on it. You could also open up the grill to reveal a “Bun in the oven” sign.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a BBQ without the food so serve up some scrumptious burgers, ribs, and grilled chicken with sides of potato salad, corn on the cob, coleslaw, and baked beans.

Personal and intimate announcements

14. Family hike

If you want to reveal your pregnancy in a small and private way, a hike with your closest family members might be just the thing. Sharing the news you’ve been keeping close to your vest in a tranquil setting will be a heartwarming and cherished memory.

Near the end of your hike, you can set the stage with a “New path ahead” trail marker followed by a “New adventure” sign at your destination where you reveal your pregnancy.

15. Sunset serenity

Add a touch of romance and magic to your pregnancy announcement with a sunset backdrop. Reveal your news in the golden glow of the setting sun.

Set up a cozy seating area with blankets, cushions, lanterns, and string lights and, when the sun begins to dip below the horizon, you can reveal your pregnancy. If you position yourself against the sunset, the photos you’ll have to remember the occasion will be stunning.   

Pregnancy announcements are momentous events, and doing so in summer adds an extra layer of excitement and warmth. Whether you choose a creative fruit theme, whimsical balloons and bubbles setting, a festive barbecue bonanza, an intimate family hike, or a romantic sunset backdrop, each idea offers a unique way to share your wonderful news. 

These 15 summer-themed pregnancy announcement ideas provide a variety of options to suit different personalities, styles, and family dynamics, ensuring that your announcement is not only memorable but also perfectly tailored to your tastes.

Remember, the best announcement is one that feels authentic to you and captures the happiness of this special time. Happy announcing, and congratulations on your growing family!

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