10 Mother’s Day activities to start a new annual tradition


For all that moms do for us, every day should be Mother’s Day, but life often gets in the way of how often we show our appreciation. So it’s only fitting that every year on the second Sunday of May, moms across America are plied with well-deserved cards, flowers, chocolates, and more.

But this Mother’s Day, why not switch things up and start a lasting tradition that your family can carry forward year after year? Here’s a list of excellent Mother’s Day activities that can become an annual ritual the entire family can look forward to—especially Mom.

1. Plant something together

Exercise your green thumbs with a kid-friendly Mother’s Day idea every family member can share. Each year, create a home for a beautiful living plant in a pot, windowsill, garden, or yard. Eventually, Mom will have a beautiful garden filled with fond memories.

2. Spoil her with some good old retail therapy

Make an annual shopping trip a Mother’s Day tradition. Hit the best stores, grab a bite to eat, enjoy great conversation, and compliment her along the way. Mom deserves it.  

3. Make moving memories with a video montage

An annual video message costs nothing to make, but makes a priceless gift for Mom. It’s your chance to thank her for everything she’s done, tell her how much you love her, and detail how grateful you are to have her in your life.

If you make it a tradition, she’ll have videos to look back on every year. This is another great one for the entire family to participate in.

4. Plan your next family getaway together

Whether it’s a full week’s vacation or just a quick trip to Grandma’s, having a family trip to look forward to is half of the fun. Either way, you’ll get to spend time together as a family making loads of memories.

5. Take a family photo somewhere beautiful (and return to the same spot every year!)

You’ve probably seen this circulating on social media, and we fully understand the appeal! Having a place and a memory to look back on every year is a sweet annual tradition for Mother’s Day that showcases how each family member has changed and grown.

6. Treat her to an annual spa day

If you’re on the hunt for something a little bougie, nothing beats a spa day. Treat mom to a facial, massage, mani, or pedi—the works! We know all moms could do with a little relaxation.

7. An oldie but a goodie: Serve mom breakfast in bed

There’s nothing more satisfying than waking up to the smell of your favorite breakfast. We’re thinking, eggs Benedict, a side of bacon, hash browns, sausages—whatever is your mom’s version of the works.

8. Have a family picnic

Simple, memorable, fun, and family oriented, a picnic is a wonderful way to get the whole family together to celebrate mom.

9. Gift her a memory

There’s something that will always remind you of her: a scent, a flower, a meal. Something that is so intrinsically special and unique to her.

Make that special thing the theme of an annual gift: If she loves lilacs for example, gift her a different lilac-themed surprise each year, like a lilac candle, a lilac-patterned scarf, or an outing to a lilac garden. She’ll love adding to her collection of special memories and mementos each year.

10. Keep it simple: a handmade card, flowers, and chocolates

There’s value in simplicity. Remember that the cards, flowers, and chocolates are always on the table. Mom will appreciate and love anything you do to make her feel special!


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