20+ cutest baby Halloween costume ideas we’ve ever laid eyes on 😍


The fall begins with harvest, joy, and of course Halloween! If you are looking for baby costumes for your little one, we know that it can be as challenging as it is fun. So we collated a list of Halloween costumes for your baby to help you choose. 

Jungle-inspired baby costumes

Bat Baby


This Bat Baby costume is sure to set your baby to sleep. It is very easy to make and comfortable for your baby to drift off as well. Just wrap your baby as you would regularly using a black cloth. Cut out the wings on black paper. Attach the wings to both sides for the final look.

Little Fox


You can pin this to your board if you are good at knitting. Otherwise, you can just buy a brown cloth and cut out the shapes. Sew the tail and ears to the dress.

Spider costume


This spider costume is easy to make. Draw the spider web pattern on a black dress and add a bow for a dramatic effort.



This dino costume is for sure to fetch all the treats this year!

Bat with wings


All you need to make this bat suit is a black jumper and headband.

Baby costumes inspired by pop culture

Squid Games


This Squid Game costume is for all pop-culture lovers! These costumes are widely available across the country due to their recent Netflix hit. You can also make them at home by painting or drawing the stripes and player numbers onto a pair of green pants and a shirt.



This Darth Vader costume is for all the Starwars fans! This simple costume caters to all the sci-fi followers. It’s also one of the most popular baby boy Halloween costumes.



This Leprechaun costume is easy to make. Just get a green onesie and add orange fur around the head and a green cap.



Give people a real spook by wearing this Chucky Halloween costume on your baby. You will need a striped t-shirt and a denim jumper. Buy socks with the same pattern as your t-shirt, and there you go!

Elton John


This Elton John costume will have all the heads turn at the party. Talk about an inspired costume on Halloween. It’s one of the most loved infant Halloween costumes.

Cutest baby costumes

The Flying Witch


This Flying Witch costume can be easily made by attaching tulle to your baby’s onesie. Make the hat out of paper and tie together a bunch of twigs for the broom. And there you go!



This skeleton costume just needs a black jumpsuit and a cap. Draw the shape of the skeleton onto the black outfit, and you have a skeleton costume for your baby.



Simply add a black cloak to a white dress and attach the red horns for the vampire effect.

Pineapple and Pizza


This Hawaiin pizza costume is one of the cutest and funniest pictures you will ever see!



This Cupid costume is adorable and requires minimal effort. Sew some tulle together for the wings and make a bow and arrow with cardboard and paper.



This triplets Condiments costume is effortless to make. Use different colored onesies and some painting skills to complete the look.

Scary baby


Get this scary baby costume by drawing a line on the sides of the lips and crossing them vertically. As simple as that!



Carve out a pumpkin and place your little one inside for this very adorable costume.

Animated and Disney baby Halloween costumes

Snow White


Snow White is one of the most infamous children’s Disney baby Halloween costumes. You can fish out a blue top and a yellow skirt. Add a red headband to the costume.

Mario and Luigi


This Mario and Luigi costume is so cute we cannot stop looking at it. Dress up twins or siblings with red and green t-shirts and a blue overall. Add the cap ‘L’ and ‘M’ as well.

Pillsbury costume


This Pillsbury costume is the easiest to make with just a white jumpsuit and a chef’s hat.



This Ariel costume is again very popular among Disney fans. It’s one of the most adorable baby girl Halloween costumes. Who else is saying awww?!



This Superwoman costume is the Halloween costume for your kid. All the superhero movie fans will love this!

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