11 ways you can celebrate Father’s Day as a father-to-be


Celebrating Father’s Day as an expecting dad is a unique and special experience. It’s a time to reflect on the journey ahead and savor the anticipation of welcoming a new life into the world.

To make this occasion memorable, we’ve curated 11 thoughtful and creative ways for you to celebrate. Here are some awesome ways to make your first Father’s Day as a dad-to-be super memorable and fun!

1. Your first photo shoot with the baby

Why wait until the baby’s born to start capturing memories? Book a maternity photoshoot and get those adorable baby bump pics! Bring some cute props like tiny shoes, ultrasound photos, or even a little onesie. It’s a great way to celebrate and reflect on this exciting time!

Find a local photographer who specializes in maternity shoots and schedule a session. Coordinate outfits with your partner and choose a scenic location or cozy indoor setting. Don’t forget to bring props that are meaningful to you, like baby items or something related to your hobbies. It’s also a fun activity to do with your partner.

Tip: Consider scheduling the photoshoot for the late second or early third trimester when the bump is prominent but your partner is still comfortable.

2. Start a scrapbook that you can look at years down the line

Grab a scrapbook and start filling it with all things, baby! Add ultrasound pictures, notes about your feelings, and little souvenirs from your journey so far. Keep adding to it as your baby grows – first steps, first words, you name it. This book will be a treasure trove of memories.

Pick out a scrapbook that you love and start gathering items to include. Print photos, collect small keepsakes, and jot down notes or letters. Make it a habit to regularly add to the scrapbook, capturing significant milestones and everyday moments.

Tip: Use acid-free pages and pens to ensure your scrapbook lasts many years without fading.

3. Make a memory box and put important things in it

Create a special memory box for your baby. Put things like the hospital bracelet, their first little hat, or a special toy. Write a note explaining each item and seal it up. Plan to open it together on a significant milestone, like their 18th birthday. It’s like a time capsule of love!

Choose a sturdy, attractive box and start filling it with meaningful items. Include a mix of personal notes, baby clothes, toys, and photos. Document why each item is unique, and seal the box with a heartfelt letter to your future self and child.

Tip: To protect the memory box from damage over the years, keep it in a safe, dry place.

4. Start a barbecue summer party tradition

Love the outdoors? Kick-off a new tradition with a Father’s Day barbecue! Gather your family and friends, grill some tasty food, and enjoy the sunshine. As your kiddo grows, they’ll look forward to this annual summer bash. It’s the perfect way to create lasting memories.

Plan a fun, relaxed barbecue with your loved ones. Decorate the backyard, prepare a menu with your favorite grilled dishes, and set up some outdoor games. As your child gets older, involve them in the planning and let them invite their friends.

Tip: Create a barbecue playlist with songs that make you happy and add to it each year.

5. Write a letter about what it means to be their dad

Take time on this special day to write a letter to your baby. Pour out your heart – talk about your dreams for them, how excited you are, and what being their dad means to you. Seal it up and save it for a future date, like their 18th birthday. It’ll be a beautiful gift.

Find a quiet moment to reflect and write down your thoughts. Use unique stationery or a beautiful card. Write about your hopes and dreams and the excitement you feel as you await their arrival. Seal the letter in an envelope and store it in a safe place.

Tip: Consider writing a series of letters to create a collection of heartfelt messages over the years.

6. Write an email to your baby with future delivery

How cool would it be for your kid to get an email from the past? Write an email to your baby, attach some sweet photos and maybe a video message, and schedule it to be delivered on a special future date, like their 18th birthday. It’s like a digital time capsule full of love.

Compose a heartfelt email with your thoughts, feelings, and hopes for your baby. Attach photos, videos, and any other digital keepsakes. Schedule future delivery, ensuring your child receives it on a milestone birthday or special occasion.

7. Start a journal documenting your journey as a father

Grab a journal and start writing about your journey to fatherhood. You can jot down thoughts, milestones, and little anecdotes about your baby’s first kicks or your feelings about becoming a dad. Make it a tradition to write in it every Father’s Day. One day, it’ll be a fantastic gift for your child. Over time, this journal will become a cherished keepsake.

8. Build something special for your baby

If you’re handy, why not build something for your baby? Maybe a toy box, a rocking chair, or even painting the nursery. Putting your effort into making something special adds a personal touch and shows your love tangibly.

Select a project that suits your skills and resources. Gather your materials and set aside dedicated time to work on them. Whether building, painting, or crafting, involve your partner if possible and enjoy the process together. Your handmade creation will be a special gift for your baby.

Tip: Personalize the item with your baby’s name or a special message to make it even more meaningful.

9. Make a music playlist for your baby

Gather songs that mean a lot to you and your partner, soothing lullabies, or even some fun tunes you think your baby will enjoy. Music is a beautiful way to bond and can comfort your baby even before they’re born.

Sit down with your partner and brainstorm meaningful or relaxing songs. Use a music streaming service to compile these into a playlist. Play the playlist during quiet moments at home or while you’re preparing for the baby’s arrival. Once your baby is born, this playlist can become a bedtime or relaxation staple.

Tip: This can also be a more significant project. Keep adding new songs that your baby likes as they grow. While they’re in the womb, maybe an old classic relaxes them. When they’re two, their favorites might change to “Wheels on the Bus” or “Baby Shark.” Let the playlist evolve with your baby’s musical taste over the years.

10. Create a family photo wall

Start a family photo wall in your home that celebrates the beginning of your journey as a family. Frame ultrasound pictures, photos from the maternity shoot, and other special moments. This visual timeline will be a beautiful reminder of your family’s growth.

Choose a prominent wall in your home and start arranging photos in a creative layout. Use frames that match your home decor and make it a living project by adding new photos as your baby grows. This evolving gallery will become a cherished part of your home.

Tip: Use removable picture-hanging strips to easily update and add new photos without damaging your walls.

11. Attend a 3D/4D ultrasound

Book a 3D or 4D ultrasound session to closely examine your baby’s features. It’s an incredible way to see your baby’s face and movements before birth, making the experience even more real and magical.

Schedule an appointment with a clinic that offers 3D or 4D ultrasounds. These sessions typically last longer than standard ultrasounds and provide detailed images or videos of your baby. Bring your partner, sit back, and enjoy this fantastic glimpse into your baby’s world.

Tip: Many clinics allow you to take home printed images or a video recording, a wonderful keepsake to add to your memory box or scrapbook.


So there you have it, dads-to-be! These fun and heartfelt activities will help you bond with your little one and create lasting memories.

Your first Father’s Day is the start of an incredible journey filled with love and joy. Embrace this special day, celebrate the adventure ahead, and know that the bond you’re building now will only grow stronger. Here’s to your first of many Father’s Days – a day of love, hope, and beautiful beginnings.


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