You know you had a baby in 2022 if…


As any new parent can agree, having a newborn is not for the faint of heart. And never has that been more true than in the last couple of years. (Thanks, pandemic!) But while COVID-19 has certainly been an interesting wrinkle in the plans of virtually all new parents for the last two years, it has also undeniably bonded us in ways pre-pandemic parents might not fully understand.

So what exactly does it mean to have had a baby in the last year? Here’s a humorous look back at what most of us new parents experienced — and what we can take comfort in knowing is definitely a thing.

You know you had a baby in 2022 if…

  1. You have at least two bottles of hand sanitizer in every diaper bag…plus a few spares in your car, desk drawer, and purse.

  2. You’ve logged so much time researching symptoms of RSV, influenza, Covid, and HFM you’ve practically got a pediatric nursing license. 

  3. Half the photos in your new moms’ text group are of the babies, and the other half are photos of Children’s Tylenol sightings in the wild.

  4. You own a smart crib—and it has made a WORLD of difference. (Hint: Especially if it’s ours! Read some reviews here.)

  5. You wear mom jeans unironically.

  6. You’ve met the majority of your mom friends online — and all of your texts on the group chat are links to your favorite relatable parenting TikToks.

  7. You’re holding off cutting those trendy curtain bangs until your shower schedule is a bit more reliable.

  8. Your baby knows how to call Grandma on FaceTime.

  9. You found an amazing online therapist … and you share all her advice with your new-parent friends.

  10. Your biggest purchase this year was a bulk order of formula.

  11. You have at least three “nice” sweatshirts.

  12. You’ve considered homeschooling one day…even though your child is years away from kindergarten.

  13. Your favorite self-care is bingeing The White Lotus with your partner after the baby goes to sleep.

  14. You honestly don’t know how parents survived without grocery drive-up pickups…and you hope you never have to.

  15. You are completely unsurprised by absolutely anything life can throw at you at this point.

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