Built-in baby monitor


early wakeup signs

Built-in baby monitor


early wakeup signs

Sensing early wakeup is important

Babies wake-up in 3 phases: Quiet, Active and Cry.


Baby is very still, but
awake and taking in the


Baby moves actively, and is
attentive to sounds and


Baby moves a lot, may cry loudly and doesn’t respond easily to sounds and motion.

Sensing Meets Soothing

Crib spots Quiet Phase Wake-up signs. It then soothes the baby back to sleep. This is called Quiet Sight Technology.

Bounces like a parent

Natural Bounce

Mimics the natural and soothing  movement of a mom bouncing the baby in her arms.

Smooth Start & Stop

Crib movements aren’t sudden. It starts and stops bouncing softly.

Quiet as a whisper

Patented bouncing
mechanism is as quiet as a whisper.

Bounces in both Bassinet and Crib modes.

The secret to sound sleep lies in sound.

Crib automatically plays curated music to soothe and calm your baby to sleep.

Play music that your baby likes to fall asleep to.

White noise or instrumental music to calm your baby.

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