We are sold out till April 2022. Our next shipping is for May 2022 and later. Please click here to place your order with a down payment of $500. 

COVID-19 has brought its set of delays and challenges. We’ll be sharing updates as and when we get them. We are currently open for orders shipping March 2022 and later.

For the orders across USA, we have a self assembled version with easy to follow instructions.


Our smart crib is priced at $1999. 

It takes upto 2 weeks for your baby to settle into the crib. We give you 30 days to try the smart crib. Don’t love it? We’ll pick it up and give you a full refund.

It starts the day you first place your baby in the crib and start using it. 

We give you 30 night risk free trial. If it does not work for you we will pick it up from your doorstep and refund you the entire money. No questions asked. No cost to ship it back. Just pack it in the original box.


The overall dimensions are: Length: 40”  Width:  25” Height: 42”.

It can be easily lifted by 2 people.  It has nylon bushes on the legs underneath. It can be easily dragged on a wooden floor without leaving marks. It can also be easily dragged on a carpet. It is finally a piece of furniture that’s sturdy and mostly parked in the baby’s nursery.

HD quality video at 1280 x 720 resolution.

Cradlewise is the first self learning crib to integrate a built-in monitor. It can also be used from birth to 24 months. For a list of all the ways it’s different from other smart beds, please visit here.

Yes, the crib bounces in both the bassinet and crib modes.

The smart crib is not yet compatible with alexa devices. At the moment, it has gesture controls and a connected app. We’ll be integrating with smart home platforms in a future release.

We give 2 extra fitted sheets along with the mattress. If you’d like more, we’ll be launching fitted sheets as accessories soon.

A flat and firm sleeping surface could be compromised using any other fitted sheets. So we recommend using fitted sheets only from Cradlewise.

The bassinet mesh is washable. The crib mesh cannot be removed and washed. You can clean it with baby safe alcohol wipes.

You can find the product specifications here

1 year warranty on the mechanical and electronics. We will replace the crib if there is any malfunction in  mechanicals or electronics.

Yes, you can turn off the music completely. We recommend using white noise as it helps soothing babies to sleep.

Swaddling is optional. We know that some babies loved being swaddled while others just don’t like it. The auto soothing feature of the smart crib works even when the baby is swaddled.


Privacy is foundational to how we designed and built Cradlewise. There are multiple layers of protection in place to keep data safe and in your control. We’ll never sell your baby’s data.

  • We do not record sounds unless permissions are granted. Even if we record sounds when permitted, the sounds are filtered before being uploaded to the cloud. The filtered sounds contain only the baby sounds.
  • Data is always encrypted in transit (“in transit” is when it moves between your phone and your crib, or between your crib and the cloud).
  • The camera does not look outside of the crib. The field-of-view is strictly limited to the crib.
  • Video streaming is encrypted end-to-end.

The Cradlewise crib can collect information relating to your baby sleep like baby sounds, eye movement, body movement and breath rate. We believe that the more you understand your baby’s sleep, the more you can improve it.

In addition, Cradlewise collects engagement data (data relating to the way you use the crib and app). This includes information such as how often you open or access particular pages within the app, or whether you’ve used a particular feature. This helps us improve the Cradlewise service to provide features and content that are most useful to you.

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