Our Frequently Asked Questions


This cradle can be used for babies upto 18 months of age or max weight of 14 kg.

The most important features of the cradle like rocking, music and ambient light are accessible on the cradle through simple and intuitive knobs. We have designed the cradle to be used without the connected app specifically for grandparents and house help. The advanced features that help to utilize the cradle in the best way are only accessible through the Cradlewise App.

Please connect with us at 9980542239 so that we can resolve any issues you face.


Yes. We are using a BIS(Bureau of Indian Standards) certified battery in the smart cradle.

Keeping your baby safe is our priority. Our hammock is of high quality, robust and safe. The fabric used inside the hammock is Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 (chemically safe textiles)

Payment and Rental

You can order your cradle with a token amount of Rs. 999. The rest is to be paid just before delivery. Please call/Whatsapp us on 9980542239 for more details. We will send you the payment link over email or SMS.

We are currently in the midst of a closed pilot in the US. If you are interested in being part of this, please get in touch with us at info@cradlewise.com

We operate and deliver to all cities in India.

We charge Rs. 500 for shipping the cradle to your doorstep. Shipping is free within Bangalore. The cradle can be assembled on your own through step-by-step instructions that we will share. For delivery outside India, please get in touch with us.

No. There is no deposit for renting the cradle at the moment. Our cradle is durable and we trust you to use it

Yes. We give a fresh cloth hammock with every cradle, even for the rental option.

Once you rent or buy the cradle, we provide you a 30 day free trial period. We have a no questions asked return within the first 30 days in case you have an issue with the cradle or are not interested to use the cradle further.

Cradle Size and Care

Assembled Cradle dimensions : (L x B x H) : 120 cm x 70 cm x 105cm

Package dimensions: (L x B x H) : 110cm x 50cm x 60cm

The weight of the cradle is 8kg

It is 45cm wide and 85cm in length. As per WHO growth charts, on an average the length of 18 month old baby is 80cm.

8 kg. The cradle has been designed to be lightweight and portable for your convenience.

The cloth hammock can be washed in a washing machine. Please do not iron the hammock after wash. After the hammock dries, fit it back to the frame.


You need to buy the hammock in case you need a spare. Please contact us on 9980542239 for placing the order. We do not rent out the cloth hammocks for hygiene concerns. Every baby gets a fresh hammock.

Yes. We have a specially designed colic pillow that can be used to raise the head of the baby to 20 degrees. This is very helpful in easing the discomfort for reflux and colicky babies. This pillow has a soft strap that can be used to hold the baby in place so that the baby does not roll over while the cradle swings.


Yes. The cradle has a rechargable battery that is baby safe.

It takes 2 hours to charge the battery from fully discharged state to 100%.

For the average user, the battery lasts for 12-16 hours

Yes. It works for US power supply voltages too.

Green (Stable) : Battery fully charged

Green (blinking) : Battery is above 80%

Yellow : Battery is between 30% to 80%

Red : Battery below 30%


The data that is collected by the baby monitor is used for internal purpose to learn the baby’s sleep pattern and preferences. It helps us personalizing the experience for every baby. We do not share this data with any other third party. Please go through our product terms and conditions here.