Responsive Soothing is a combination of for your baby's uninterrupted quality sleep

Our Intelligent Baby Monitor detects the unique early wakeup signs of your baby even before she starts crying.

Cradlewise’s innovative Responsive Soothing understands when your baby is about to wake up.

And gently rocks your baby back to sleep using soothing music.

Improve Sleep quality and quantity

When your baby wakes up and it is still sleeping time, our smart cradle automatically soothes your baby. This improves their sleep quality and boosts all round development.

Safeguard from External disturbances

There is nothing more frustrating than your baby’s sleep getting disturbed by a doorbell ringing, cooker whistles, squeaking toys, toddlers or honking. Our cradle safeguards your baby’s sleep from these disturbances especially during the light stage of sleep.

Personalized sleep recipes

Your baby’s sleep patterns keep changing as they grow up. Every baby is unique in their sleeping pattern. Our smart cradle learns your baby’s unique sleep patterns and responsively soothes your baby, day or night.

Babies are light sleepers

The proportion of light sleep in a baby is also much higher than adults (4 times more)

Percentage of light sleep

Birth 80%
4 months 70%
6 months 60%
18 months 40%
5 years 30%
Adult 20%

Since most of a baby’s sleep is light, babies wake up much more easily than adults.

Easily disturbed

Tiny disturbances like sounds, change in sleeping place or difference in temperature wake up a sleeping baby. That’s why after falling asleep in the warm embrace of arms, babies tend to wake up after being placed in a crib or cot.

Cannot self soothe

Adults can soothe themselves back to sleep at the end of every sleep cycle. But babies cannot. A baby wakes up at the end of every cycle because they haven’t yet learned to self soothe.

Frequent soothing

Till your baby learns to self soothe at the end of a sleep cycle, they require help to fall asleep. So parents typically spend 3 hours a day patting, humming and walking around to soothe their baby to sleep.

After the baby wakes up crying, soothing takes a much longer time

Differences between adult and child sleep

Our sleep is in cycles. Each cycle consists of light and deep sleep. Babies have shorter and more sleep cycles.

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