The secret to sound sleep lies in sound.

As adults, we are used to sleeping in peace and quiet.

But for your baby, it is quite different.

In the womb, your baby is 24/7 surrounded by muffled and rhythmic sounds.

That’s why a quiet room can be disturbing for a baby.

Nature sounds like rain, waves and streams are sometimes referred to as white noise.

These sounds mimic the comforting sounds of the womb and help to calm your baby.

Responsive Music Playlists

Our cradle automatically plays curated music to soothe and calm your baby to sleep.

Upload your own music

Customize your cradle even further by uploading your baby’s favorite tracks and lullabies.

Responsive Music Benefits

Faster onset of sleep

Calms a fussy baby

Safeguards against external sounds

AI to learn your baby's preferences

Every baby is different and your baby’s preferences change over time. The cradle learns your baby’s favorite tracks, especially the ones your baby loves going to sleep to


Recognizes when your baby wakes up.


Learns your baby's favorite tracks


Plays your baby’s favorite music


Observes if your baby calms back to sleep

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