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Cradlewise sneak peek: What’s next for the crib of the future

By Cradlewise Staff

At Cradlewise, our long-term goal is to build an entire smart-connected nursery, for the better sleep and wellness of your family. Think of the crib as a helpful partner, ready to respond to your baby’s cues and alert you when you need to intervene.

Believe it or not, when we first started with our AI, our baby detection was so basic that it couldn’t distinguish a watermelon from an infant. Today, it’s so refined that more than 98% of the images are classified correctly. The crib can detect the baby even if they’re wearing a sleep sack or are curled up with a blanket (if they’re old enough to use one). We love looking back and seeing how far we’ve come—the transformation feels almost like watching a tiny infant morph into a confident kindergartener!

Of course, refining our baby detection AI algorithm takes lots of time, effort, and patience. We crunch thousands of hours of data to dream up new features, release them to our lab, and test them out extensively before launching. This constant evolution and maintenance ensures that every crib in our community is freshly updated with our latest developments.

How we release new features into the universe 

As the uncle of Marvel’s famed superhero arachnid once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” We often tell our engineers that one small line of code could have an impact on thousands of hours of babies’ (and parents’) sleep. Although we have many new and exciting ideas planned for the future, we take a considered approach to releasing new features.

We’re constantly learning and growing, and we rely on the insights of our real-life users to help us make adjustments and improve Cradlewise for the next generation of parents.

We have a handful of tiny beta testers in the San Francisco Bay Area who get to experience the new features first. Once the Bay-Area babies give us a coo, we release them to the entire community. (Of course, anyone can share feedback about what they’d like to see next from their Cradlewise; you can always reach us through the in-app chat or email us at with your awesome ideas.)

Therefore, whether you bought the crib six months ago, yesterday, or are planning your purchase now, you’re always going to have the latest features—it’s not like, say, a swing or stroller that might seem outdated before you even have another child. 

What’s new

Here are some of the features we’ve released since the start of this year:


  • Control for sensitivity: Adjust how quickly and how often the crib reacts to your baby’s movements.
  • Womb sound synthesizer: Create your own custom sleep tracks by choosing from white, pink, and brown noise. 
  • Enhanced baby detection capabilities: Baby detection and analytics based on depth and color images. (It can get confused occasionally, but it’s pretty accurate.)


  • Sleep analytics: Track your baby’s sleep patterns.
  • Remote streaming: Monitor your baby’s live video from anywhere.
  • Notifications and status messages: Get instant notifications about how your baby is doing and when they need your attention.
  • Audio monitoring: Get airplay and choice of sound output. 
  • Crib light intensity control: There is a light over the arc in the crib, which was at a constant intensity. Now you can control it and make it dimmer as you prefer.  

Our features roadmap

Since the crib is continuously evolving, we wanted to show you a sneak peek at what’s coming next. 

Mobile Image

Of course, none of this is set in stone. We are here to learn from you. In fact, many of the features above are a result of requests from our existing community. You can always reach us through the in-app chat or mail us at with your awesome ideas! 


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