Ever wondered why babies wake up the moment you transfer them from your arms to the bed?

The answer lies in the drastic transition from the womb to the outside world.


Before Birth


Muffled Sounds

Constant Temperature

Confined Space

Constantly Held

Soft and Warm Cocoon


After Birth


Loud Sounds

Changing Temperature

Lots of Space

Held Far Less

Hard and Cold Surfaces

Flat sleeping surfaces of a crib, bed, bassinet or rockers do not mimic the “being held” feeling

Babies crave a womb like environment and are best soothed when they are held.

The sleep surface of Cradlewise

mimics the "Being Held" feeling.

Our sleep surface has

for your baby's comfort and needs

Our sleep surface has for your baby's comfort and needs

Minimizes risk of flat head

The hammock cradles baby's body and redistributes pressure away from the soft spots like the head.

Eases Colic

One way to ease colic is movement. The side to side gentle swinging of our cradle eases colic.

Safe sleep position

The hammock stops your baby from rolling and also keeps baby on back in a comfortable head to toe straight sleeping position.

All round development

The baby sleeps in a semi-foetal position which is good for all round development.

Preorders launching soon in the US.

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