Are you anxious when your baby is sleeping and tired when your baby is awake?

Cradlewise is a smart solution for modern parents like you who want only the best for your baby and you.

Cradlewise is a smart solution for modern parents like you who want only the best for your baby and you.

Babies sleep on average 16 hours a day but only 45 min to an hour at a time. This is the biggest surprise for new parents. Imagine spending 3 hours every day putting your baby to sleep. It quickly gets exhausting and affects every aspect of your life. The first year of parenting revolves around your baby's sleeping schedule.

Welcome the newest member of your family with an intuitive and innovative 21st century smart cradle.

Automagically soothe your baby back to sleep when your baby wakes up

Relax while keeping an eye on your sleeping baby through your phone

Pamper your baby on their journey to the world of dreams.

Hug your baby while they sleep on a snug and cozy hammock bed made  of all natural organic cotton tailored for your baby’s sensitive skin. Guard your baby’s dreams from pesky mosquitoes so they wake up in a good mood. Nourish your baby through better and longer sleep so that they wake up refreshed

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Even when you are asleep, keep your baby safe and get alerts when your baby needs you.

Catch up on some sleep yourself while your baby is sleeping. Get alerted as soon as your baby turns over, or a blanket covers their face, or when your baby is trying to sit up. Track your baby’s breathing and get warned if there’s anything unusual.

Enjoy more quality family time by understanding your baby’s sleep schedule.

Know when, how long and how well your baby sleeps with Cradlewise Sleep report. Watch your baby’s sleep improve over time with an intuitive dashboard on the Cradlewise App. Bond with your well rested baby and enjoy more quality playtime as a family.

What customers are saying

Prajwala Mohit

Deputy Commissioner, IRS

Prajwala Mohit, Deputy Commissioner, IRS, uses Cradlewise to overcome her exhaustion and help her baby Amaira be less cranky and in a better mood. Baby Amaira is now very active because she sleeps well. This has given Prajwala also enough sleep and she also feels very good after being well rested.

Ravi Ayyagari


Ravi Ayyagari, an entrepreneur, uses Cradlewise to carry on with his work while keeping an eye on sleeping baby Antara using video and audio monitoring. He also loves how Cradlewise replicates traditional time tested swings and is snug for his baby Antara. Overall, he likes the quality and attention to detail in the smart cradle.

Gail Fernandez


Gail Fernandez, a teacher, has a colic daughter Erin with irregular sleeping patterns that hampered their family life. She used Cradlewise and baby Erin slept for 2 hours as against the 30-45 min she used to sleep earlier. Baby Erin also woke up in a good mood because she slept well. Baby Erin’s weight also increased remarkably. 

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